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-== Overview
-=== About OsmoTRX
-OsmoTRX is a C/C++ language implementation of the GSM radio modem,
-originally developed as the 'Transceiver' part of OpenBTS. This radio
-modem offers an interface based on top of UDP streams.
-The OsmoBTS bts_model code for OsmoTRX is called
-`osmo-bts-trx`. It implements the UDP stream interface of
-OsmoTRX, so both parts can be used together to implement a complete GSM
-BTS based on general-purpose computing SDR.
-As OsmoTRX is general-purpose software running on top of Linux, it is
-thus not tied to any specific physical hardware. At the time of this
-writing, OsmoTRX supports a variety of Lime Microsystems and Ettus USRP SDRs via
-the UHD driver, as well as the Fairwaves UmTRX and derived products.
-OsmoTRX is not a complete GSM PHY but 'just' the radio modem. This
-means that all of the Layer 1 functionality such as scheduling,
-convolutional coding, etc. is actually also implemented inside OsmoBTS.
-OsmoTRX is a software-defined radio transceiver that implements the Layer 1
-physical layer of a BTS comprising the following 3GPP specifications:
-* TS 05.01 "Physical layer on the radio path"
-* TS 05.02 "Multiplexing and Multiple Access on the Radio Path"
-* TS 05.04 "Modulation"
-* TS 05.10 "Radio subsystem synchronization
-As such, the boundary between OsmoTRX and `osmo-bts-trx` is at
-a much lower interface, which is an internal interface of other more
-traditional GSM PHY implementations.
-Besides OsmoTRX, there are also other implementations (both Free
-Software and proprietary) that implement the same UDP stream based radio
-modem interface.
-.GSM network architecture with OsmoTRX and OsmoBTS
-digraph G {
- rankdir=LR;
- MS0 [label="MS"];
- MS1 [label="MS"];
- MS0->SDR[label="Um"];
- MS1->SDR [label="Um"];
- SDR -> OsmoTRX [label="Raw Samples"];
- OsmoTRX->BTS [label="bursts over UDP"];
- BTS->BSC [label="Abis"];
- BSC->MSC [label="A"];
- BTS->PCU [label="pcu_sock"];
- PCU->SGSN [label="Gb"];
- OsmoTRX [color=red];
-For more information see