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---- Functionality changes from Asterisk 1.8 to Asterisk 1.10 -----------------
+--- Functionality changes from Asterisk 1.8 to Asterisk 10 -------------------
Text Messaging
@@ -75,6 +75,11 @@ CODECS
* Ability to define custom SILK formats in codecs.conf.
* Addition of speex32 audio format with translation.
+ * CELT codec pass-through support and ability to define
+ custom CELT formats in codecs.conf.
+ * Ability to read raw signed linear files with sample rates
+ ranging from 8khz - 192khz. The new file extensions introduced
+ are .sln12, .sln24, .sln32, .sln44, .sln48, .sln96, .sln192.
@@ -82,11 +87,14 @@ ConfBridge
mixing audio at sample rates ranging from 8khz-96khz.
* CONFBRIDGE dialplan function capable of creating dynamic ConfBridge user
and bridge profiles on a channel.
- * CONFBRIDGE_INFO dialplan function capable of retreiving information
+ * CONFBRIDGE_INFO dialplan function capable of retrieving information
about a conference such as locked status and number of parties, admins,
and marked users.
* Addition of video_mode option in confbridge.conf for adding video support
into a bridge profile.
+ * Addition of the follow_talker video_mode in confbridge.conf. This video
+ mode dynamically switches the video feed to always display the loudest talker
+ supplying video in the conference.
Dialplan Variables
@@ -148,7 +156,7 @@ pbx_lua
in the sample extensions.lua file for syntax details.
* Applications that perform jumps in the dialplan such as Goto will now
execute properly. When pbx_lua detects that the context, extension, or
- priority we are executing on has changed it will immediatly return control
+ priority we are executing on has changed it will immediately return control
to the asterisk PBX engine. Currently the engine cannot detect a Goto to
the priority after the currently executing priority.
* An autoservice is now started by default for pbx_lua channels. It can be
@@ -188,6 +196,19 @@ Applications
* Added ability to include '@parkinglot' to ParkedCall extension in order to specify
a specific parkinglot on which to search the extension.
+Asterisk Database
+ * The internal Asterisk database has been switched from Berkeley DB 1.86 to
+ SQLite 3. An existing Berkeley astdb file can be converted with the astdb2sqlite3
+ utility in the UTILS section of menuselect. If an existing astdb is found and no
+ astdb.sqlite3 exists, astdb2sqlite3 will be compiled automatically. Asterisk will
+ convert an existing astdb to the SQLite3 version automatically at runtime.
+Asterisk Modules
+ * Modules marked as deprecated are no longer marked as building by default. Enabling
+ these modules is still available via menuselect.
--- Functionality changes from Asterisk 1.6.2 to Asterisk 1.8 ----------------