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Get rid of the "Install MSVC the usual way" paragraph - the previous
paragraphs give more details on how to install, and the stuff about vcvars32.bat is given later, in more detail. While we're at it, fix another reference to vcvars32 to also refer to vcvarsall. svn path=/trunk/; revision=45278
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of Windows, and thus will update Visual Studio, you may need to
disable it until after all of the above are installed, to make
sure it doesn't install Visual Studio 2010 SP1 out of order.</para>
- <para>Install MSVC the usual way. Don't forget to install
- <filename>vcvars32.bat</filename> or call it manually before building Wireshark.
- <filename>vcvars32.bat</filename> will set some required environment (e.g. the
- <varname>PATH</varname>) settings.</para>
<title>You can use other Microsoft C compiler variants!</title>
<para>It's possible to compile Wireshark with a wide range
@@ -403,7 +399,8 @@ title Command Prompt (VC++ 2010)]]>
<para>If you have problems with all the first three items (cl, link, nmake),
- check if you called <literal>vcvars32/SetEnv</literal> as mentioned in
+ check if you called <literal>vcvars32/vcvarsall/SetEnv</literal>
+ as mentioned in
<xref linkend="ChSetupPrepareCommandCom" /> (which will "fix"
your <varname>PATH</varname> settings). However, the exact text will be slightly
different depending on the MSVC version used.</para>