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2002-04-03Removed many senseless pinfo parameters in RPC dissection and the layers above.Uwe Girlich1-23/+23
2002-03-05From Adam Sulmicki: fixes to typos in comments.Guy Harris1-3/+3
2002-02-02When creating an subtree with variable-length items under it, use -1 asGuy Harris1-31/+35
2002-01-24Replace a bunch of "tvb_length()" and "tvb_length_remaining()" calls inGuy Harris1-2/+2
2001-12-23From Ronnie Sahlberg: initial NDMPv3 support, and an update to hisGuy Harris1-2/+2
2001-06-18From Joerg Mayer: explicitly fill in all members of aGuy Harris1-15/+15
2001-05-30There are no more old-style (non-tvbuffified) ONC RPC dissectors, so getGuy Harris1-13/+13
2001-03-15Status monitor V1, from Ronnie Sahlberg.Guy Harris1-14/+258
2001-01-18Fix comments to reflect what a null function pointer in a "vsff" tableGuy Harris1-3/+3
2001-01-03Have "proto_register_protocol()" build a list of data structures forGuy Harris1-2/+2
2000-04-04Use the new split between protocol registration and protocol handoffGuy Harris1-1/+5
2000-01-07Fix Gerald's e-mail address.Guy Harris1-2/+2
1999-11-18Zero-length arrays are a GCC extension, and some compilers don't supportGuy Harris1-3/+5
1999-11-16Replace the ETT_ "enum" members, declared in "packet.h", withGuy Harris1-3/+8
1999-11-11Added mount dissector.Nathan Neulinger1-0/+82