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2004-07-18Move dissectors to epan/dissectors directory.Gilbert Ramirez1-1217/+0
2004-07-18Set the svn:eol-style property on all text files to "native", so thatGuy Harris1-1/+1
2004-07-09Use "iscntrl()", rather than "isprint()", to test whether a character isGuy Harris1-18/+32
2004-06-29From Martin Mathieson:Anders Broman1-3/+3
2004-06-15From Thomas Anders: Navigating from RTP/RTCP packets to setup where it was s...Anders Broman1-31/+29
2004-05-11A line is an RTSP request merely because it begins with a string that'sGuy Harris1-3/+6
2004-03-19From Anders Broman: put E.164 numbers into the protocol tree using theGuy Harris1-17/+28
2004-03-05From Anders Broman: add some filterable fields, and un-hide some otherGuy Harris1-38/+145
2004-01-17splitted some of the preferences texts into more than one line,Ulf Lamping1-4/+4
2004-01-05For RTSP requests, we assume that, if there's no Content-Length header,Guy Harris1-17/+44
2004-01-01Make the RTSP packet handling more like the HTTP packet handling.Guy Harris1-31/+81
2003-12-31Remove redundant protocol names from preference values.Guy Harris1-3/+3
2003-12-23Not all headers in HTTP, RTSP, SIP, etc. are entity headers; rename someGuy Harris1-5/+5
2003-12-23Note that we should do the same sort of entity header processing thatGuy Harris1-16/+41
2003-12-23From Anders Broman: add the alternate TCP port.Guy Harris1-2/+12
2003-12-22Call subdissectors even if we're not building a protocol tree.Guy Harris1-24/+23
2003-12-22Do reassembly of interleaved binary data.Guy Harris1-6/+55
2003-12-22Use "rreh_do_reassembly()" to do reassembly.Guy Harris1-35/+90
2003-12-17From Anders Broman: add a preference setting for the RTSP TCP port.Guy Harris1-8/+40
2002-08-28Removed trailing whitespaces from .h and .c files using theJörg Mayer1-5/+5
2002-08-02Replace the types from sys/types.h and netinet/in.h by their glib.hJörg Mayer1-31/+27
2002-07-17Add an extra argument to "tvb_find_line_end()", which specifies what itGuy Harris1-3/+5
2002-01-21Include files from the "epan" directory and subdirectories thereof withGuy Harris1-4/+4
2002-01-20Allow a length of -1 to be specified when adding FT_NONE and FT_PROTOCOLGuy Harris1-3/+3
2001-12-10Move the pointer to the "column_info" structure in the "frame_data"Guy Harris1-11/+11
2001-12-03Make "dissector_add()", "dissector_delete()", and "dissector_change()"Guy Harris1-2/+5
2001-11-27Change "conversation_set_dissector()" to take a dissector handle, ratherGuy Harris1-3/+3
2001-09-08From Jason Lango:Guy Harris1-17/+121
2001-09-03Instead of having a single datum attached to a conversation, have a listGuy Harris1-7/+4
2001-08-18From Jason Lango:Guy Harris1-18/+29
2001-06-19Get rid of global references to "pi" - use "pinfo" instead.Guy Harris1-5/+6
2001-06-18From Joerg Mayer: explicitly fill in all members of aGuy Harris1-4/+4
2001-05-31Support for leading LWS in RTSP headers, from Robert Tsai.Guy Harris1-1/+9
2001-01-25Remove more "CHECK_DISPLAY_AS_DATA()" calls and "pinfo->current_proto ="Guy Harris1-5/+3
2001-01-13Make top-level items for interleaved RTSP packets be items for the RTSPGuy Harris1-2/+2
2001-01-11Some cleanups.Guy Harris1-3/+3
2001-01-11Interleaved RTSP support, from Jason Lango.Guy Harris1-4/+92
2001-01-09Add an additional "protocol index" argument to "{old_}dissector_add()",Guy Harris1-2/+2
2001-01-03Have "proto_register_protocol()" build a list of data structures forGuy Harris1-2/+2
2000-12-27Tvbuffify the RIP and OSPF dissectors.Guy Harris1-2/+2
2000-12-02Clean up the handling of MIME headers.Guy Harris1-39/+195
2000-11-30Clean up the handling of the RTSP payload a bit.Guy Harris1-6/+7
2000-11-19For each column, have both a buffer into which strings for that columnGuy Harris1-3/+3
2000-11-15Add a mechanism by which a dissector can be registered by name, anotherGuy Harris1-3/+9
2000-11-13Use "tvb_offset_exists()" rather than "tvb_length_remaining()" to checkGuy Harris1-2/+2
2000-11-12As RFC 2327 says, "SDP is purely a format for session description - itGuy Harris1-3/+1
2000-11-10Tvbuffify the SAP and SDP dissectors.Guy Harris1-7/+6
2000-11-09Tvbuffify the HTTP, NNTP, RSH, RTSP, and Telnet dissectors.Guy Harris1-127/+202
2000-10-21Support for conversations with "wildcard" destination addresses, fromGuy Harris1-3/+3
2000-10-19Andreas Sikkema's new H.261 and TPKT dissectors, replacement RTCP andGuy Harris1-3/+3