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2009-07-02Pull mkstemp() into tempfile.c. That's the only place we use it now, andGerald Combs1-24/+0
it's arguably the only place we _should_ use it. Add create_tempdir() to tempfile.c and use it to create a temp directory for IP maps. This should fix bug 3530. (This still doesn't work on IE 8 / Vista here. IE gives an access denied error in OpenLayers.js, but this is a separate issue). svn path=/trunk/; revision=28920
2000-01-15Merge in the final code to make Ethereal run on Win32, compiledGilbert Ramirez1-0/+24
with MSVC 6.0 and 'nmake', the make tool that comes with MSVC. It compiles, links, and runs. It doesn't run correctly. There's a problem when reading files. I'm getting short reads. I'm not linking in zlib or libsnmp because it first needs to be debugged. I changed the plugin code to use gmodule instead of libltdl, but the Unix build still links ethereal against libltdl. I'll fix that tonight; sorry about leaving it in such a sad state, but I wanted to check in this code before I left work on a Friday night. Ethereal still works, but the building is less than optimal. svn path=/trunk/; revision=1479