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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2020-09-11WIP: Osmocom RSPRO dissector supportHarald Welte6-0/+518
2020-09-05E1AP: upgrade dissector to v16.2.0Pascal Quantin8-87/+1361
2020-09-05F1AP: upgrade dissector to v16.2.0Pascal Quantin17-182/+4349
2020-09-05NGAP: fix a comment in the header file and add it to CMakeLists.txtPascal Quantin2-1/+2
2020-09-05Fix some detected spelling errors in ASN1 dissectors.Martin Mathieson5-7/+7
2020-09-04S1AP: fix a field maskPascal Quantin1-1/+1
2020-09-04X2AP: fix a field maskPascal Quantin1-1/+1
2020-09-04XnAP: dissect a few more fieldsPascal Quantin2-0/+46
2020-09-03XnAP: upgrade dissector to v16.2.0Pascal Quantin10-109/+3168
2020-08-31NGAP: fix ngap.MDT_Location_Information.reserved definitionPascal Quantin1-1/+1
2020-08-30ITS: enable decoding of UDP datagram as ITS messageIgor Passchier1-0/+3
2020-08-26GSM MAP: fix typo in template filePascal Quantin1-1/+1
2020-08-26NGAP: upgrade dissector to v16.2.0Pascal Quantin15-352/+3691
2020-08-20X2AP: upgrade dissector to v16.2.0Pascal Quantin12-105/+1704
2020-08-20S1AP: upgrade dissector to v16.2.0Pascal Quantin10-102/+850
2020-08-17NR RRC: upgrade dissector to v16.1.0Pascal Quantin11-640/+7109
2020-08-17TFS: Add some commonly-defined string pairs to tfs.cMartin Mathieson2-11/+2
2020-08-14Check that at least one token exists to consider the JSON as validPascal Quantin1-2/+2
2020-08-12NR LTE: add dissection of capabilityRequestFilter for EUTRA and EUTRA-NR RATsPascal Quantin2-0/+6
2020-08-10LTE RRC: upgrade dissector to v16.1.1Pascal Quantin10-332/+2633
2020-08-08Kerberos: make tfs change in template rather than directly.Martin Mathieson1-17/+10
2020-07-30ITS: decode MAP a SPAT v1Tomas Kukosa1-0/+8
2020-07-24ITS: add subdissector table for PtActivationDataTomas Kukosa2-0/+25
2020-07-23ITS: add GDD moduleTomas Kukosa4-166/+310
2020-07-20C12.22: Fix Calling-authentication-value-c1221 CHOICEJaap Keuter1-8/+8
2020-07-13ITS: ISO TS 19321 (IVI) updated to version 2Tomas Kukosa4-2/+886
2020-07-03NR RRC: fix dissection of MobilityFromNRCommand IEsPascal Quantin2-3/+24
2020-07-03NR RRC: fix dissection of 5GS S1 mode to N1 mode NAS containerPascal Quantin1-1/+1
2020-07-01NGAP: Preserve column info when NGAP is embedded in HTTP2.Anders Broman1-0/+3
2020-07-01S1AP: add dissection of inter RAT to EUTRA transparent containersPascal Quantin1-18/+12
2020-07-01NGAP: decode Handover Request Acknowledge target to source RAN containerPascal Quantin1-10/+18
2020-06-29NGAP:n2InfoContainer is also used for datatype N2InfoContainerAnders Broman1-0/+4
2020-06-24NGAP: fix dissection of PWS messages exchanged in Namf interfacePascal Quantin1-7/+1
2020-06-19Fix the type of arrays of pointers to hf_ values for bitfield routines.Guy Harris11-37/+37
2020-06-12MAC LTE: add support for extended LCIDPascal Quantin1-0/+9
2020-06-11NGAP: fix dissection of NASC fieldPascal Quantin1-11/+9
2020-06-11LTE RRC: dissect nas-SecurityParamFromEUTRA for the 5GS to EPS handover casePascal Quantin1-1/+4
2020-06-04kerberos: move krb5.h include upwards.Dario Lombardo1-5/+9
2020-06-02kerberos: fix compilation on FreeBSD.Dario Lombardo1-4/+3
2020-06-02kerberos: add some comments to #else/#endif.Guy Harris1-8/+8
2020-06-02kerberos: set some parameters unused.Dario Lombardo1-1/+1
2020-06-01Fix some cppcheck issues:Martin Mathieson1-1/+1
2020-05-27Fix compilation without kerberos.Dario Lombardo2-18/+249
2020-05-27GeoNW: add support for psid-traffic-light-control-status-service ::= 637Tomas Kukosa1-1/+2
2020-05-27packet-kerberos: maintain EncAPRepPart_subkey in a kerberos_app_session_keys mapStefan Metzmacher1-3/+38
2020-05-27packet-{kerberos,spnego}: move KRB5_KU_USAGE_* defined to packet-kerberos.hStefan Metzmacher2-5/+13
2020-05-27kerberos: fix build without krb5_c_fx_cf2_simple().Guy Harris1-2/+10
2020-05-26packet-kerberos: avoid guessing the KDC_REP keyusage were possibleStefan Metzmacher1-9/+40
2020-05-26packet-kerberos: avoid guessing the authorization_data keyusageStefan Metzmacher1-3/+9
2020-05-26packet-kerberos: avoid guessing the authenticator key usageStefan Metzmacher1-3/+11