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2021-10-18dfilter: Fix memory leak in stnode_tostr()João Valverde1-4/+8
2021-10-18dfilter: Add a thin encapsulation layer for REsJoão Valverde5-42/+21
2021-10-18dfilter: Improve error message for "matches"João Valverde3-7/+17
2021-10-17dfilter: Require double-quoted strings with "matches"João Valverde5-117/+87
2021-10-17dfilter: Do not chain matches expressionsJoão Valverde1-7/+11
2021-10-16dfilter: Update semcheck comment to reflect latest commitsJohn Thacker1-9/+6
2021-10-15Fix build with WS_DISABLE_DEBUGJoão Valverde2-15/+2
2021-10-14dfilter: Fix crash with duplicated syntax nodeJoão Valverde1-20/+17
2021-10-14dfilter: Display token value for debuggingJoão Valverde2-2/+9
2021-10-14dfilter: Fixup deprecated tokens initializationJoão Valverde4-41/+23
2021-10-14dfilter: Resolve field names in the parserJoão Valverde4-32/+37
2021-10-14dfilter: Remove unused function definitionJoão Valverde1-3/+0
2021-10-14dfilter: Replace node in convert_to_bytes()João Valverde1-24/+11
2021-10-11dfilter: Split tostr() into debug and pretty printJoão Valverde9-36/+72
2021-10-11dfilter: Cache stnode_tostr()João Valverde6-35/+24
2021-10-08dfilter: Improve grammar to parse rangesJoão Valverde10-191/+105
2021-10-08dfilter: Fix parsing of value stringsJoão Valverde1-1/+1
2021-10-08dfilter: Improve grammar to parse functionsJoão Valverde7-33/+47
2021-10-08dfilter: Rewrite ws_assert_magic() againJoão Valverde2-27/+13
2021-10-08dfilter: Remove no-op statementJoão Valverde1-2/+0
2021-10-07dfilter: Use exceptions for error handling in semcheckJoão Valverde1-156/+98
2021-10-07dfilter: Generalize special case of one byte literalJoão Valverde1-34/+1
2021-10-06dfilter: Use wslog with ws_assert_magic()João Valverde2-9/+24
2021-10-06dfilter: Replace node accessor macros with functionsJoão Valverde4-31/+22
2021-10-06dfilter: Fix ws_assert_magic() macroJoão Valverde2-12/+12
2021-10-06Windows: Fix stdint.h redefinition warningsJoão Valverde1-8/+8
2021-10-06dfilter: Use syntax tree node replacement semanticsJoão Valverde5-88/+72
2021-10-05dfilter: Rename function production ruleJoão Valverde1-5/+6
2021-10-05dfilter: Minor grammar fixupsJoão Valverde3-24/+18
2021-10-05dfilter: Strengthen sanity check for rangeJoão Valverde2-38/+47
2021-10-05dfilter: Don't include type name in 'tostr' outputJoão Valverde1-14/+5
2021-10-01dfilter: Rename some identifiers in grammarJoão Valverde1-38/+36
2021-10-01dfilter: Extend function 'tostr' methodJoão Valverde1-4/+16
2021-10-01dfilter: Add range 'tostr' methodJoão Valverde3-1/+54
2021-10-01dfilter: Add set 'tostr' methodJoão Valverde1-1/+36
2021-10-01dfilter: Improve syntax error messageJoão Valverde3-78/+71
2021-10-01dfilter: Save token value to syntax treeJoão Valverde6-71/+101
2021-10-01dfilter: Remove unnecessary log activation checkJoão Valverde3-11/+13
2021-09-30dfilter: Fixup syntax tree node displayJoão Valverde3-4/+5
2021-09-30dfilter: Add a flags member to the syntax tree nodeJoão Valverde4-17/+37
2021-09-30dfilter: Clean up handling of "deprecated" tokensJoão Valverde7-68/+54
2021-09-30dfilter: Display syntax tree for debuggingJoão Valverde12-52/+354
2021-09-22dfilter: Allow generic unquoted strings that are protocol names on RHSJohn Thacker1-21/+16
2021-09-18dfilter: Allow bytestrings that are also protocol names on RHSJohn Thacker1-6/+40
2021-06-19Replace g_assert() with ws_assert()João Valverde12-78/+94
2021-06-16Replace g_log() calls with ws_log()João Valverde1-1/+3
2021-06-05dfilter: Disallow embedded NUL bytes in regular stringsJoão Valverde1-0/+12
2021-06-05dfilter: Add support for raw stringsJoão Valverde4-13/+47
2021-05-28dfilter: Fix handling of escaped quotes in macrosJoão Valverde1-2/+3
2021-05-24Add ws_debug() and use itJoão Valverde3-41/+35