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2005-08-05More char -> const char warning fixes.Jörg Mayer1-1/+1
Removed (very few) casts that only change the warning message but don't remove it (with gcc-4). svn path=/trunk/; revision=15227
2005-03-27add a new checkitem "Colorize Packet List" into the View menuUlf Lamping1-0/+7
keep it's setting in the recent file svn path=/trunk/; revision=13929
2005-03-26move some color_filter related things from file.c to color_filters.cUlf Lamping1-0/+15
svn path=/trunk/; revision=13920
2005-03-26code cleanup: use common prefix for all functions in color_filters.hUlf Lamping1-25/+26
svn path=/trunk/; revision=13910
2005-03-25code cleanup: the term filter_list was used with different meanings ↵Ulf Lamping1-1/+1
throughout the code, and the filter_list of the color_filters is "global". use appropriate prefixes to avoid confusion and bugs svn path=/trunk/; revision=13905
2004-07-24"color_filters.h" doesn't need to include "epan/dfilter/dfilter.h";Guy Harris1-1/+0
anything that includes "color_filters.h" also includes "epan/dfilter/dfilter.h" either directly or indirectly. svn path=/trunk/; revision=11504
2004-07-24Move the color-filter related stuff out of "color.h" intoGuy Harris1-0/+26
"color_filters.h", as that's the appropriate place for it - "color.h" should just deal with "color_t". svn path=/trunk/; revision=11503
2004-07-24Move color_filters.c and color_filters.h up to the top-level directory,Guy Harris1-0/+79
as they're now (theoretically) toolkit-independent (modulo changes that might be required to the code to update filter lists when a new filter is read in). svn path=/trunk/; revision=11500