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2020-09-11WIP: Osmocom RSPRO dissector supportHarald Welte10-0/+1778
The Osmocom RSPRO protocol is a protocol for remote SIM card access, i.e. extending the SIM card interface between phone/mdoem (UE) and a remote SIM card reader. The primary user of this protocol is osmo-remsim software suite, which can be found at https://osmocom.org/projects/osmo-remsim/wiki RSPRO is specified in ASN.1 using BER and runs on top of the IPA multiplex (protocol-gsm_ipa.c). Change-Id: Ibcdb2c92281d05c36e3973de4d7ec4aa0cd9b207
2020-09-11Q.933: Fix decoding of PV Status fieldlaforge/q933Harald Welte1-3/+4
This field is actually a bitmask of four bits. It's somewhat odd to decode it using a value_string. In any case, the values were plain wrong (shifted to the left by '1'). See Figure A.3 of ITU-T Q.933 A related pcap file can be found at https://people.osmocom.org/laforge/pcap/gsmtap-fr-q933-pvc_status.pcap
2020-09-11Q,933: Fix display of 'active' bit in PVC StatusHarald Welte1-1/+1
The mask applied to the final octet of the PVC Status IE must be 0x0E, not 0x0A. The current code masks out the active bit, printing a '.' instead of it. See Figure A.3 of ITU-T Q.933 A related pcap file can be found at https://people.osmocom.org/laforge/pcap/gsmtap-fr-q933-pvc_status.pcapc
2020-09-11MBIM: dissect the commands of MBIM extended version 2.0Odysseus Yang1-14/+256
2020-09-11ncp: add a comment about possibly null-truncated strings.Guy Harris1-0/+7
In File Search Continue requests, the path is a single byte giving the string length, followed by that many bytes containing the string value. However, in at least some File Search Continue requests, the string length value is longer than the string, and there's a NUL, followed by other non-zero cruft, in the string.
2020-09-11packet-mq: Improve Structure Displayrobionekenobi2-198/+261
FCNO Improve field display FOPA Improve field display FCMI Support new structure GMO Support version 4 LPOO Improve field display ID Initial Data Improve field display PMO Improve QName display in COL_INFO CONN Improve field display
2020-09-10gvsp: fix type of GenDC signature.Guy Harris1-1/+7
To quote the GenDC 1.1 specification, section 2.2.2 "GenDC Container Header Description": Unique signature identifying a GenDC Container: a FourCC code encoded as 4 ASCII characters not null terminated ... so it's FT_STRING, not FT_STRINGZ. Give the URL for a page pointing to all GenICam standards, including the GenDC standards, version 1.0 and 1.1.
2020-09-11proto.c: add support for BASE_SPECIAL_VALS to fill_label_number64()Pascal Quantin1-6/+21
This is similar to what is done in fill_label_number()
2020-09-10SAP: make the Server Name field FT_STRINGZPAD.Guy Harris1-1/+1
According to the Novell IPX Router Specification, Chapter 4 "Service Advertising Protocol (SAP)": Server Name This field contains the 48 byte character string name that is assigned to a server. The Server Name, in combination with the Service Type, uniquely identifies a server on an internetwork. Although SAP response packets always include the full 48 bytes for this field, typical server names are usually less than 48 characters long and are ASCII NULL terminated. The contents of the unused bytes which follow the NULL terminator are undefined. which seems to indicate that a full 48-byte name will not have a null termintor. It also indicates that the field isn't null-padded, just "null-terminated if it's not terminated by the end of the field's fixed length"; perhaps we need to distinguish between the former and the latter, although it's not clear what would be a good short name for the latter. In any case, it sounds as if it's not guaranteed to be null-terminated.
2020-09-10bpdu: fix some string types.Guy Harris1-2/+2
As per IEEE Std 802.1Q-2016, section 13.8 "MST Configuration Identifier (MCID)", The Configuration Name, a variable length text string encoded within a fixed field of 32 octets, conforming to IETF RFC 2271's definition of SnmpAdminString. If the Configuration Name is less than 32 characters, the text string should be terminated by the NUL character, with the remainder of the 32-octet field filled with NUL characters. Otherwise, the text string is encoded with no terminating NUL character. so it's not FT_STRINGZ, it's FT_STRINGZPAD. This applies to other configuration names as well.
2020-09-10gsm_a_rr: correct spare bits of Channel DescriptionAlexander Couzens1-3/+3
ETSI 44.018: spare bits are 3+4 and not 5+6. The counting in the spec might be confusing, because bits start at 8 not at 1.
2020-09-10afp: treat passwords as null-padded.Guy Harris1-6/+18
They're sent over the wire as an 8-octet field, with passwords shorter than 8 octets padded with NULs. Update some URLs while we're at it.
2020-09-10SMB2: add new RDMA transport negotiate contextAurelien Aptel1-1/+50
From [MS-SMB2] version 61.
2020-09-10SMB2: add new transport negotiate contextAurelien Aptel1-0/+12
From [MS-SMB2] version 61.
2020-09-10SMB2: add new compression algorithm in negotiate contextAurelien Aptel1-0/+2
From [MS-SMB2] version 61.
2020-09-10GQUIC: fix endianess for Q050, T050 and T051Nardi Ivan1-1/+1
2020-09-10gQUIC: fix wrong encoding for client timestamp (ctim)Alexis La Goutte1-1/+1
Closes #16839
2020-09-10PROFINET: CBAVersion control is removed.Gizem Yurdagül1-6/+3
According to specification, CBA is not supported on Profinet anymore.
2020-09-10packet-mq: code reformatingrobionekenobi1-631/+631
Reformat some code part to remove unneeeded spaces
2020-09-10Fix some more dissector spellings.Martin Mathieson3-16/+16
2020-09-10aeron: the Error String in an Error Header is not null-terminated.Guy Harris1-2/+6
The Aeron specification says nothing about it being null-terminated, and in at least some captures, it's not null terminated. Make it an FT_STRING, rather than an FT_STRINGZ. Clean up a comment so that more of the URL is visible in a narrower window.
2020-09-10Issue 16683 - SIP - Dissection of Logme Marker in the Session ID header of ↵atul3581-2/+30
the sip packet
2020-09-10SDP: Handle fmpt:MCVideoAnders Broman1-8/+10
The dissector expect a numeral(PT) after fmtp: exept for listed strings, add MCVideo to those strings.
2020-09-10packet_mq: Support V9.2, improve MultiSegment, improve some struct displayRobiOne (Robert Grange)4-283/+471
MQ V9.2 support Improve disscetion for multi-segment MQGET_REPLY, MQPUT, MQPUT1, ASYNCH_GET Improve display for some structure (ID, CONN) Some fixes
2020-09-09GitLab CI: Set MAKEFLAGS=--silentGerald Combs1-2/+4
Set MAKEFLAGS=--silent in order to reduce the size of our log output.
2020-09-09Fix a couple of spelling errors in release notes.Martin Mathieson1-2/+2
Brought to you by the annoying spelling police.
2020-09-09ieee80211: fix Wmissing-prototypesAlexis La Goutte6-8/+14
no previous prototype for function 'add_ff_action_public_fields' [-Wmissing-prototypes] Change-Id: I8be64454a21187cf60a04c903acfbb18f2a12095
2020-09-09Qt: Remove an unused value.Gerald Combs1-1/+0
Remove an unused value in packet_diagram.cpp. Fixes CID 1466402.
2020-09-09QUIC: Fix missing bit shift from KP (Key Phase)Alexis La Goutte1-1/+1
2020-09-09tools: Migrate gen-bugnote to GitLab.Gerald Combs1-30/+13
Update gen-bugnote to fetch issue titles from GitLab's issue API.
2020-09-08Update my email address.Guy Harris1-1/+1
2020-09-08Release notes: Miscellaneous cleanup.Gerald Combs2-21/+25
Update a dissector name.
2020-09-08README.md: Fix a couple of typos.Martin Mathieson1-2/+2
2020-09-08Fix a typo in FeatureRequest.mdPascal Quantin1-1/+1
2020-09-08MySQL: Added support for MariaDB protocolGeorg Richter2-62/+701
MariaDB and MySQL are not longer drop-in compatible, they differ in very different directions for protocol and api. This patch contains support for MariaDB specific commands and extensions: - MariaDB specific character sets and collations (also updated MySQL collations) - MariaDB extended capabilities in greeting and login packets - Support for MARIADB_STMT_BULK_EXECUTE command - Removal of "5.5.5-" prefix in the version string.
2020-09-08TLS: add missing parameters in quic_transport_parameters extensionNardi Ivan4-10/+121
These parameters are used by latest GQUIC versions. Pcap examples are available in #16825 I noticed that gquic::dissect_gquic_tag() and gquic::dissect_gquic_tags() don't really need the gquic_info parameter: remove it
2020-09-07GitLab CI: Restrict the Windows build to wireshark/wireshark.Gerald Combs2-12/+10
The Windows runners are constrained by the following: * We require quite a bit of software not present in the stanadard runner[1] which takes a long time to install, including Python, Perl, and Qt. * You can't specify an arbitrary Docker image like you can with Linux runners. As a result we have a project-specific runner for wireshark/wireshark that runs a custom Windows Docker image. Update the CI rules so that merge-request:windows only runs for gitlab.com/wireshark/wireshark. The GitLab documentation recommends rules over only/except, so switch to them. Fixup .editorconfig while we're here. [1]https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/ci-cd/shared-runners/images/gcp/windows-containers/blob/master/cookbooks/preinstalled-software/README.md
2020-09-07BSSMAP: Fix malformed packet exception on correct packetPau Espin Pedrol1-1/+1
Both osmocom and TTCN3 Titan are parsing Handover Request with an IPv6 Transport layer Address just fine, but wireshark was showing it as malformed. Parsing the address similar to what is done in IPv4 fixes the issue.
2020-09-07BSSMAP: Fix used param marked as unusedPau Espin Pedrol1-1/+1
2020-09-07Yet more spelling fixes.Martin Mathieson40-79/+114
Includes small updates to the script and wireshark dictionary. Probably the last spelling fixes from me for a while.
2020-09-07check_spelling.py: fix a variable name, and add a few dictionary words.Martin Mathieson2-1/+8
2020-09-06Qt: Update translation files.Gerald Combs2-28/+28
2020-09-06Add spell-checking script.Martin Mathieson2-0/+1262
check_spelling.py scans Wireshark source or documentation files, using the general dictionary from pyspellcheck, augmented by the contents of wireshark_words.txt. Can scan: - entire folders (recursively) - individual files - open files - files affected by recent git changes
2020-09-06[Automatic update for 2020-09-06]Gerald Combs5-20/+94
Update manuf, services enterprise numbers, translations, and other items.
2020-09-06Gitlab: Add templates for issuesUli Heilmeier3-0/+46
Adding templates for reporting a Bug and Feature Request Exclude .gitlab from checklicenses.py
2020-09-06Fix more spelling errors in the docbook folder.Martin Mathieson11-43/+43
There are some lines that show as changed in 'git gui', will see how they look in gitlab..
2020-09-05SMB2: add missing cipher type for SMB2_ENCRYPTION_CAPABILITIESAlexis La Goutte1-0/+4
From https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/openspecs/windows_protocols/ms-smb2/16693be7-2b27-4d3b-804b-f605bde5bcdd
2020-09-05E1AP: upgrade dissector to v16.2.0Pascal Quantin9-327/+4517
2020-09-05proto.c: increase PROTO_PRE_ALLOC_HF_FIELDS_MEMPascal Quantin1-1/+1
2020-09-05F1AP: upgrade dissector to v16.2.0Pascal Quantin24-1033/+15875