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@@ -3708,6 +3708,18 @@ Lazar Sumar <bugzilla[AT]lazar.co.nz> {
CAN-ETH dissectors
+Kingson Chan <k.chan[AT]samsung.com> {
+ Wi-Fi Alliance Neighbor Awareness Networking (NAN) dissector
+Ege Elgun <e.elgun[AT]samsung.com> {
+ Wi-Fi Alliance Neighbor Awareness Networking (NAN) dissector
+Connor Newton <c.newton[AT]samsung.com> {
+ Wi-Fi Alliance Neighbor Awareness Networking (NAN) dissector
and by:
Georgi Guninski <guninski[AT]guninski.com>
@@ -3964,6 +3976,7 @@ Håkon Øye Amundsen <haakon.amundsen[AT]nordicsemi.no>
= From git log =
+Achuthan Paramanathan <acp[AT]kamstrup.com>
Adam Goldman <adam.goldman[AT]intel.com>
Adam Mitz <mitza[AT]ociweb.com>
Adam Morrison <adammo[AT]extrahop.com>
@@ -3993,6 +4006,7 @@ Alexander Wetzel <alexander.wetzel[AT]web.de>
Alexandr Savca <alexandr.savca89[AT]gmail.com>
Alexis Green <alexis.green[AT]nokia.com>
Alfred Koebler <alfred.koebler[AT]gmx.de>
+Ali Sabil <ali.sabil[AT]koperadev.com>
Alistair Leslie-Hughes <leslie_alistair[AT]hotmail.com>
Allan Møller Madsen <almomadk[AT]gmail.com>
Ambarish Malpani <ambarish[AT]defend7.com>
@@ -4197,6 +4211,7 @@ Florian Adamsky <fa-git[AT]haktar.org>
Florian Bezold <florian.bezold[AT]esrlabs.com>
Florian Lohoff <f[AT]zz.de>
Francisco Javier Sánchez-Roselly <franciscojavier.sanchezroselly[AT]ujaen.es>
+Francois Nguyen <francois[AT]daily-prophet.org>
Francois Schneider <francois.schneider[AT]airbus.com>
Francois-Xavier Le Bail <fx.lebail[AT]yahoo.com>
Frank Carpenter <frank.carpenter[AT]spectralink.com>
@@ -4381,6 +4396,7 @@ Makoto Shimamura <makoto.shimamura[AT]toshiba.co.jp>
Maksim Salau <maksim.salau[AT]gmail.com>
Malcolm Walters <malcolm.walters[AT]acano.com>
Mališa Vučinić <malishav[AT]gmail.com>
+Manfred <mx2927[AT]gmail.com>
Marc Bevand <mbevand[AT]google.com>
Marc Fournier <marc.fournier[AT]camptocamp.com>
Marcel Essig <marcel.essig[AT]gmx.de>
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--- a/NEWS
+++ b/NEWS
@@ -21,9 +21,6 @@ Wireshark 3.1.1 Release Notes
• You can once again mark and unmark packets using the middle mouse
button. This feature went missing around 2009 or so.
- • On macOS, Wireshark can now be installed by dropping it onto the
- Applications folder.
The following features are new (or have been significantly updated)
since version 3.0.0:
@@ -69,6 +66,9 @@ Wireshark 3.1.1 Release Notes
packet list and detail popup menus now show a preview of their
respective filters.
+ • Protobuf files (*.proto) can now be configured to enable more
+ precise parsing of serialized Protobuf data (such as gRPC).
New Protocol Support
3GPP BICC MST (BICC-MST), 3GPP log packet (LOG3GPP), 3GPP/GSM Cell
@@ -134,7 +134,7 @@ Wireshark 3.1.1 Release Notes
A complete FAQ is available on the Wireshark web site[10].
- Last updated 2019-10-06 08:08:11 UTC
+ Last updated 2019-10-13 08:08:30 UTC
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--- a/enterprises.tsv
+++ b/enterprises.tsv
@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
# The format used here is: <NUMERICAL_ID><SPACE><NAME>
# Where SPACE can be any sequence of spaces and tabs.
-# (last updated 2019-10-06)
+# (last updated 2019-10-12)
0 Reserved
1 NxNetworks
@@ -54500,3 +54500,39 @@
54691 Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Innovation, Digitalisierung und Energie des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen
54692 phinneyridge.com
54693 CFAO
+54694 South Correctional Entity
+54695 Satelles, Inc.
+54696 AlphaTechT
+54697 Oxbotica
+54698 Suburban Pulmonary Medicine, PC
+54699 JoVa
+54700 Wachter, Inc.
+54702 Anaconda
+54703 Djmemjy Enterprise
+54705 Dr. Gary A. Lieberman,PA
+54706 Vita Soft
+54707 Integrity Net Solutions and Services
+54708 Wilson Bank & Trust
+54709 Walton K. Joyner Jr., MD
+54710 Civilex Victoria
+54711 Make Nashville
+54712 RADS Inc.
+54713 Interactive Network (https://www.internet.de)
+54714 Thom Rounds Broadcast and Information Technologies
+54715 Beijing CloudFly Technology and Development Ltd.
+54716 Senety Investment, Inc.
+54717 Corbium Company
+54718 CVisionLab LLC
+54719 8 Bit Wizard
+54720 Dokobit, UAB
+54721 EasyVirt
+54722 Fluepke
+54724 Strij
+54725 Slthing
+54726 Thales Digital Factory
+54727 Korum Automotive Group
+54728 Osceola County Sheriff's Office
+54729 Electrify America LLC
diff --git a/manuf b/manuf
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--- a/manuf
+++ b/manuf
@@ -45,23 +45,23 @@
# http://standards-oui.ieee.org/cid/cid.csv:
# Content-Length: 7879
-# Last-Modified: Sun, 06 Oct 2019 08:00:22 GMT
+# Last-Modified: Sun, 13 Oct 2019 08:00:35 GMT
# http://standards-oui.ieee.org/iab/iab.csv:
# Content-Length: 381262
-# Last-Modified: Sun, 06 Oct 2019 08:00:34 GMT
+# Last-Modified: Sun, 13 Oct 2019 08:00:45 GMT
# http://standards-oui.ieee.org/oui/oui.csv:
-# Content-Length: 2424273
-# Last-Modified: Sun, 06 Oct 2019 08:01:02 GMT
+# Content-Length: 2425906
+# Last-Modified: Sun, 13 Oct 2019 08:01:14 GMT
# http://standards-oui.ieee.org/oui28/mam.csv:
-# Content-Length: 299045
-# Last-Modified: Sun, 06 Oct 2019 08:00:40 GMT
+# Content-Length: 300199
+# Last-Modified: Sun, 13 Oct 2019 08:00:51 GMT
# http://standards-oui.ieee.org/oui36/oui36.csv:
-# Content-Length: 309523
-# Last-Modified: Sun, 06 Oct 2019 08:00:56 GMT
+# Content-Length: 310819
+# Last-Modified: Sun, 13 Oct 2019 08:01:08 GMT
00:00:00 00:00:00 Officially Xerox, but 0:0:0:0:0:0 is more common
00:00:01 Xerox Xerox Corporation
@@ -3373,7 +3373,7 @@
00:0D:07 CalrecAu Calrec Audio Ltd
00:0D:08 Abovecab AboveCable, Inc.
00:0D:09 YuehuaZh Yuehua(Zhuhai) Electronic CO. LTD
-00:0D:0A Projecti Projectiondesign as
+00:0D:0A BarcoPro Barco Projection Systems NV
00:0D:0B Buffalo Buffalo.Inc
00:0D:0C MdiSecur MDI Security Systems
00:0D:0D Itsuppor ITSupported, LLC
@@ -7123,7 +7123,7 @@
00:1B:AD Icontrol iControl Incorporated
00:1B:AE MicroCon Micro Control Systems, Inc
00:1B:AF NokiaDan Nokia Danmark A/S
-00:1B:B0 BharatEl Bharat Electronics
+00:1B:B0 BharatEl Bharat Electronics Limited
00:1B:B1 WistronN Wistron Neweb Corporation
00:1B:B2 Intellec Intellect International NV
00:1B:B3 Condalo Condalo GmbH
@@ -16386,6 +16386,7 @@
00:B6:9F Latch
00:B7:71 Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
00:B7:8D NanjingS Nanjing Shining Electric Automation Co., Ltd
+00:B8:10 YichipMi Yichip Microelectronics (Hangzhou) Co.,Ltd
00:B8:B3 Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
00:B8:C2 HeightsT Heights Telecom T ltd
00:B9:F6 Shenzhen Shenzhen Super Rich Electronics Co.,Ltd
@@ -17329,6 +17330,7 @@
04:32:F4 Partron
04:33:85 Nanchang Nanchang BlackShark Co.,Ltd.
04:33:89 HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
+04:33:C2 IntelCor Intel Corporate
04:36:04 Gyeyoung Gyeyoung I&T
04:3A:0D SmOptics SM Optics S.r.l.
04:3D:98 Chongqin ChongQing QingJia Electronics CO.,LTD
@@ -18152,6 +18154,7 @@
0C:E9:9A AtlsAlte Atls Altec
0C:EA:C9 ArrisGro ARRIS Group, Inc.
0C:EC:84 Shenzhen Shenzhen TINNO Mobile Technology Corp.
+0C:EE:99 AmazonTe Amazon Technologies Inc.
0C:EE:E6 HonHaiPr Hon Hai Precision Ind. Co.,Ltd.
0C:EF:7C Anacom AnaCom Inc
0C:EF:AF IeeeRegi IEEE Registration Authority
@@ -18273,6 +18276,7 @@
10:32:7E HuaweiDe Huawei Device Co., Ltd.
10:33:78 Flectron FLECTRON Co., LTD
10:33:BF Technico Technicolor CH USA Inc.
+10:36:4A BostonDy Boston Dynamics
10:37:11 SimlinkA Simlink AS
10:3B:59 SamsungE Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd
10:3D:0A HuiZhouG Hui Zhou Gaoshengda Technology Co.,LTD
@@ -19339,6 +19343,12 @@
20:05:05 RadmaxCo Radmax Communication Private Limited
20:05:E8 OooInpro OOO InProMedia
20:08:ED HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
+20:0A:0D IeeeRegi IEEE Registration Authority
+20:0A:0D:20:00:00/28 Netinovo Netinovo Technologies(Shenzhen) Ltd
+20:0A:0D:30:00:00/28 ClearlyI Clearly IP Inc
+20:0A:0D:60:00:00/28 AustinHu Austin Hughes Electronics Ltd.
+20:0A:0D:70:00:00/28 TecnintH Tecnint HTE SRL
+20:0A:0D:B0:00:00/28 AmazonTe Amazon Technologies Inc.
20:0A:5E Xiangsha Xiangshan Giant Eagle Technology Developing Co., Ltd.
20:0B:C7 HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
20:0C:C8 Netgear
@@ -20571,6 +20581,7 @@
30:91:76 Skyworth Skyworth Digital Technology(Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd
30:91:8F Technico Technicolor
30:92:F6 Shanghai Shanghai Sunmon Communication Technogy Co.,Ltd
+30:93:BC Sagemcom Sagemcom Broadband SAS
30:94:35 VivoMobi vivo Mobile Communication Co., Ltd.
30:95:E3 Shanghai Shanghai Simcom Limited
30:96:FB SamsungE Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd
@@ -20956,6 +20967,7 @@
34:EF:44 2Wire 2Wire Inc
34:EF:8B NttCommu NTT Communications Corporation
34:F0:CA Shenzhen Shenzhen Linghangyuan Digital Technology Co.,Ltd.
+34:F1:50 HuiZhouG Hui Zhou Gaoshengda Technology Co.,LTD
34:F3:9A IntelCor Intel Corporate
34:F3:9B Wizlan WizLAN Ltd.
34:F6:2D Sharp SHARP Corporation
@@ -23551,6 +23563,7 @@
54:89:22 Zelfy Zelfy Inc
54:89:98 HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
54:8C:A0 LiteonTe Liteon Technology Corporation
+54:8D:5A IntelCor Intel Corporate
54:92:09 HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
54:92:BE SamsungE Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd
54:93:59 Shenzhen Shenzhen Twowing Technologies Co.,Ltd.
@@ -23985,6 +23998,7 @@
5C:63:C9 Intellit Intellithings Ltd.
5C:66:6C Guangdon Guangdong Oppo Mobile Telecommunications Corp.,Ltd
5C:67:76 IdsImagi IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH
+5C:68:D0 AuroraIn Aurora Innovation Inc.
5C:69:84 Nuvico
5C:6A:7D Kentkart Kentkart Ege Elektronik San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.
5C:6A:80 ZyxelCom Zyxel Communications Corporation
@@ -25548,6 +25562,7 @@
70:B3:D5:11:40:00/36 ProjectH Project H Pty Ltd
70:B3:D5:11:50:00/36 Welltec Welltec Corp.
70:B3:D5:11:90:00/36 Private
+70:B3:D5:11:A0:00/36 Private
70:B3:D5:11:B0:00/36 Hoseotel HoseoTelnet Inc...
70:B3:D5:11:C0:00/36 Samriddi Samriddi Automations Pvt. Ltd.
70:B3:D5:11:D0:00/36 DaktonMi Dakton Microlabs LLC
@@ -26246,6 +26261,7 @@
70:B3:D5:48:80:00/36 Cardinal Cardinal Scale Mfg Co
70:B3:D5:48:90:00/36 ArdSa ard sa
70:B3:D5:48:A0:00/36 GeorgeWi George Wilson Industries Ltd
+70:B3:D5:48:B0:00/36 TattileS Tattile Srl
70:B3:D5:48:C0:00/36 Integrat Integrated Systems Engineering, Inc.
70:B3:D5:48:D0:00/36 OmegaBil Omega Bilance Srl Societa' Unipersonale
70:B3:D5:48:E0:00/36 AllimSys Allim System Co,.Ltd.
@@ -26302,6 +26318,7 @@
70:B3:D5:4C:60:00/36 BlueboxV BlueBox Video Limited
70:B3:D5:4C:70:00/36 Solveris SOLVERIS sp. z o.o.
70:B3:D5:4C:80:00/36 Hosokawa Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems
+70:B3:D5:4C:B0:00/36 Camntech CamNtech Ltd
70:B3:D5:4C:C0:00/36 Freseniu Fresenius Medical Care
70:B3:D5:4C:D0:00/36 PowerEle Power Electronics Espana, S.L.
70:B3:D5:4C:E0:00/36 Agilack
@@ -26429,6 +26446,7 @@
70:B3:D5:56:B0:00/36 SEI S.E.I. Co.,Ltd.
70:B3:D5:56:C0:00/36 Telensa Telensa Ltd
70:B3:D5:56:D0:00/36 Pro-Digi Pro-Digital Projetos Eletronicos Ltda
+70:B3:D5:56:E0:00/36 PowerEle Power Electronics Espana, S.L.
70:B3:D5:56:F0:00/36 RadikalD Radikal d.o.o.
70:B3:D5:57:00:00/36 BayernEn Bayern Engineering GmbH & Co. KG
70:B3:D5:57:10:00/36 Echogear
@@ -26513,6 +26531,7 @@
70:B3:D5:5D:C0:00/36 Factoryl FactoryLab B.V.
70:B3:D5:5D:D0:00/36 Theatrix Theatrixx Technologies, Inc.
70:B3:D5:5D:E0:00/36 Hangzhou Hangzhou AwareTec Technology Co., Ltd
+70:B3:D5:5D:F0:00/36 SemaconB Semacon Business Machines
70:B3:D5:5E:00:00/36 HexagonM Hexagon Metrology SAS
70:B3:D5:5E:10:00/36 Arevita
70:B3:D5:5E:20:00/36 Grossenb Grossenbacher Systeme AG
@@ -26673,6 +26692,7 @@
70:B3:D5:6A:90:00/36 OhmoriEl Ohmori Electric Industries Co.Ltd
70:B3:D5:6A:B0:00/36 ArrowChi Arrow (China) Electronics Trading Co., Ltd.
70:B3:D5:6A:D0:00/36 Connit
+70:B3:D5:6A:E0:00/36 Hangzhou Hangzhou Weimu Technology Co,.Ltd.
70:B3:D5:6A:F0:00/36 Sensorbe Sensorberg GmbH
70:B3:D5:6B:00:00/36 Ptype PTYPE Co., LTD.
70:B3:D5:6B:10:00/36 TtcTelek TTC TELEKOMUNIKACE, s.r.o.
@@ -26907,6 +26927,7 @@
70:B3:D5:7C:20:00/36 MorganSc Morgan Schaffer Inc.
70:B3:D5:7C:30:00/36 FleximSe Flexim Security Oy
70:B3:D5:7C:40:00/36 MectSrl Mect Srl
+70:B3:D5:7C:60:00/36 UtrendTe Utrend Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
70:B3:D5:7C:70:00/36 SiconSrl Sicon srl
70:B3:D5:7C:80:00/36 Crde
70:B3:D5:7C:90:00/36 CouncilR Council Rock
@@ -27135,6 +27156,7 @@
70:B3:D5:8E:20:00/36 ZhiyeEle Zhiye Electronics Co., Ltd.
70:B3:D5:8E:30:00/36 DorletSa Dorlet Sau
70:B3:D5:8E:40:00/36 AplexTec Aplex Technology Inc.
+70:B3:D5:8E:60:00/36 Mothonic Mothonic AB
70:B3:D5:8E:A0:00/36 Jlcooper JLCooper Electronics
70:B3:D5:8E:B0:00/36 ProconEl Procon Electronics Pty Ltd
70:B3:D5:8E:C0:00/36 RudyTell Rudy Tellert
@@ -27387,6 +27409,7 @@
70:B3:D5:A2:00:00/36 DesignFo Design For Life Systems
70:B3:D5:A2:10:00/36 Ppi PPI Inc.
70:B3:D5:A2:20:00/36 EsysSolu eSys Solutions Sweden AB
+70:B3:D5:A2:40:00/36 BoozAlle Booz Allen Hamilton
70:B3:D5:A2:50:00/36 Pulsetor PulseTor LLC
70:B3:D5:A2:60:00/36 HearGear Hear Gear, Inc.
70:B3:D5:A2:70:00/36 HdlDaAma HDL da Amazônia Industria Eletrônica Ltda
@@ -27412,6 +27435,7 @@
70:B3:D5:A3:C0:00/36 WaveMusi Wave Music Ltd
70:B3:D5:A3:F0:00/36 PhpowerS PHPower Srl
70:B3:D5:A4:00:00/36 StrackLi STRACK LIFT AUTOMATION GmbH
+70:B3:D5:A4:10:00/36 Thelight THELIGHT Luminary for Cine and TV S.L.
70:B3:D5:A4:20:00/36 ImarNavi iMAR Navigation GmbH
70:B3:D5:A4:30:00/36 Oledcomm
70:B3:D5:A4:40:00/36 Fsr Fsr, Inc.
@@ -27650,6 +27674,7 @@
70:B3:D5:B5:A0:00/36 GtiTechn GTI Technologies Inc
70:B3:D5:B5:B0:00/36 Dynamoun DynaMount LLC
70:B3:D5:B5:C0:00/36 ProzessT Prozess Technologie
+70:B3:D5:B5:D0:00/36 Shandhai Shandhai Landleaf Architecture Technology Co.,Ltd
70:B3:D5:B5:E0:00/36 Dynics
70:B3:D5:B5:F0:00/36 Crdmdeve Crdmdeveoppements
70:B3:D5:B6:00:00/36 ZaoZeo Zao Zeo
@@ -28382,6 +28407,7 @@
70:B3:D5:EF:90:00/36 Critical Critical Link LLC
70:B3:D5:EF:A0:00/36 NexteraE NextEra Energy Resources, LLC
70:B3:D5:EF:B0:00/36 PxmSpK PXM sp.k.
+70:B3:D5:EF:C0:00/36 Absolent Absolent AB
70:B3:D5:EF:D0:00/36 Cambridg Cambridge Technology, Inc.
70:B3:D5:EF:E0:00/36 MeidenSy Meiden System Solutions
70:B3:D5:EF:F0:00/36 CarloGav Carlo Gavazzi Industri
@@ -28587,6 +28613,7 @@
70:B3:D5:FF:70:00/36 Cybercom Cybercom AB
70:B3:D5:FF:80:00/36 DutileGl Dutile, Glines and Higgins Corporation
70:B3:D5:FF:90:00/36 InoutCom InOut Communication Systems
+70:B3:D5:FF:A0:00/36 Barracud Barracuda Measurement Solutions
70:B3:D5:FF:C0:00/36 Symetric Symetrics Industries d.b.a. Extant Aerospace
70:B3:D5:FF:E0:00/36 Private
70:B3:D5:FF:F0:00/36 Private
@@ -30547,6 +30574,7 @@
8C:4D:B9 Unmonday Unmonday Ltd
8C:4D:EA Cerio Cerio Corporation
8C:51:05 Shenzhen Shenzhen ireadygo Information Technology CO.,LTD.
+8C:53:C3 BeijingX Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software Co., Ltd
8C:53:D2 ChinaMob China Mobile Group Device Co.,Ltd.
8C:53:F7 A&DEngin A&D Engineering Co., Ltd.
8C:54:1D Lge
@@ -31811,14 +31839,20 @@ A0:21:95 SamsungE Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd
A0:21:B7 Netgear
A0:22:4E IeeeRegi IEEE Registration Authority
A0:22:4E:00:00:00/28 KyungInE Kyung In Electronics
+A0:22:4E:10:00:00/28 RnetCont rNET Controls
A0:22:4E:20:00:00/28 ClosedJo Closed Joint-Stock Company "NORSI-TRANS"
A0:22:4E:30:00:00/28 Prophoto ProPhotonix
+A0:22:4E:40:00:00/28 TmgcoreL TMGcore LLC
A0:22:4E:50:00:00/28 ZhuhaiCh Zhuhai Cheer Technology Co., LTD.
+A0:22:4E:60:00:00/28 MesitAsd MESIT asd, s.r.o.
A0:22:4E:70:00:00/28 AppliedI Applied Information, Inc.
+A0:22:4E:80:00:00/28 EisstInt EISST International Ltd
A0:22:4E:90:00:00/28 DeltaTau Delta Tau Data Systems, Inc.
A0:22:4E:A0:00:00/28 IstElekt IST ElektronikgesmbH
+A0:22:4E:B0:00:00/28 AllInspi All Inspire Health Inc.
A0:22:4E:C0:00:00/28 Standart Standartoptic, Limited Liability Company
A0:22:4E:D0:00:00/28 Digifocu Digifocus Technology Inc.
+A0:22:4E:E0:00:00/28 HunanYou Hunan Youmei Science&Technology Development Co.,Ltd.
A0:23:1B Telecomp TeleComp R&D Corp.
A0:23:9F Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
A0:28:33 IeeeRegi IEEE Registration Authority
@@ -32303,6 +32337,7 @@ A4:B1:21 Arantia2 Arantia 2010 S.L.
A4:B1:97 Apple Apple, Inc.
A4:B1:E9 Technico Technicolor
A4:B1:EE HZander H. ZANDER GmbH & Co. KG
+A4:B2:39 Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
A4:B2:A7 AdaxysSo Adaxys Solutions AG
A4:B3:6A JscSdoCh JSC SDO Chromatec
A4:B4:39 Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
@@ -32864,6 +32899,7 @@ AC:E8:7E Bytemark Bytemark Computer Consulting Ltd
AC:E9:7F IotTech IoT Tech Limited
AC:E9:AA Hay Hay Systems Ltd
AC:EA:6A GenixInf Genix Infocomm Co., Ltd.
+AC:EB:51 Universa Universal Electronics, Inc.
AC:EC:80 ArrisGro ARRIS Group, Inc.
AC:ED:5C IntelCor Intel Corporate
AC:EE:3B 6Harmoni 6harmonics Inc
@@ -33026,6 +33062,7 @@ B0:9F:BA Apple Apple, Inc.
B0:A1:0A Pivotal Pivotal Systems Corporation
B0:A2:E7 Shenzhen Shenzhen TINNO Mobile Technology Corp.
B0:A3:7E QingDaoH Qing Dao Haier Telecom Co.,Ltd.
+B0:A4:54 Tripwire Tripwire Inc.
B0:A6:F5 Xaptum Xaptum, Inc.
B0:A7:2A Ensemble Ensemble Designs, Inc.
B0:A7:37 Roku Roku, Inc.
@@ -34333,6 +34370,7 @@ C4:AD:21 Mediaedg MEDIAEDGE Corporation
C4:AD:34 Routerbo Routerboard.com
C4:AD:F1 Gopeace GOPEACE Inc.
C4:AE:12 SamsungE Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd
+C4:B2:39 Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
C4:B3:01 Apple Apple, Inc.
C4:B3:6A Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
C4:B5:12 GeneralE General Electric Digital Energy
@@ -34415,6 +34453,7 @@ C8:02:10 LgInnote LG Innotek
C8:02:58 ItwGseAp ITW GSE ApS
C8:02:8F NovaElec Nova Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
C8:02:A6 BeijingN Beijing Newmine Technology
+C8:03:F5 RuckusWi Ruckus Wireless
C8:07:18 Tdsi
C8:08:73 RuckusWi Ruckus Wireless
C8:08:E9 LgElectr LG Electronics
@@ -34793,7 +34832,7 @@ CC:52:AF Universa Universal Global Scientific Industrial Co., Ltd.
CC:53:B5 HuaweiTe Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd
CC:54:59 OntimeNe OnTime Networks AS
CC:55:AD Rim
-CC:59:3E Toumaz Toumaz Ltd
+CC:59:3E SensiumH Sensium Healthcare Limited
CC:5A:53 Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
CC:5C:75 Weightec Weightech Com. Imp. Exp. Equip. Pesagem Ltda
CC:5D:4E ZyxelCom Zyxel Communications Corporation
@@ -35579,6 +35618,7 @@ D8:37:BE Shenzhen Shenzhen Gongjin Electronics Co.,Lt
D8:38:0D Shenzhen SHENZHEN IP-COM Network Co.,Ltd
D8:38:FC RuckusWi Ruckus Wireless
D8:3A:F5 Wideband Wideband Labs LLC
+D8:3B:BF IntelCor Intel Corporate
D8:3C:69 Shenzhen Shenzhen TINNO Mobile Technology Corp.
D8:42:AC Shanghai Shanghai Feixun Communication Co.,Ltd.
D8:42:E2 CanaryCo Canary Connect, Inc.
@@ -37438,6 +37478,7 @@ F4:D1:08 IntelCor Intel Corporate
F4:D2:61 Semocon SEMOCON Co., Ltd
F4:D6:20 Guangdon Guangdong Oppo Mobile Telecommunications Corp.,Ltd
F4:D7:B2 LgsInnov LGS Innovations, LLC
+F4:D9:C6 Unionman Unionman Technology Co.,Ltd
F4:D9:FB SamsungE Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd
F4:DB:E6 Cisco Cisco Systems, Inc
F4:DC:41 Youngzon Youngzone Culture (Shanghai) Corp
diff --git a/ui/qt/wireshark_de.ts b/ui/qt/wireshark_de.ts
index c26ce858c3..61071be3c0 100644
--- a/ui/qt/wireshark_de.ts
+++ b/ui/qt/wireshark_de.ts
@@ -6666,7 +6666,7 @@ Um zum Beispiel eine neue Datei zu jeder vollen Stunde zu haben, 1 Stunde angebe
<source>QUIC Stream</source>
- <translation type="unfinished"></translation>
+ <translation>QUIC Stream</translation>
<source>Time Sequence (tcptrace)</source>
@@ -8437,10 +8437,6 @@ Um zum Beispiel eine neue Datei zu jeder vollen Stunde zu haben, 1 Stunde angebe
- <source>Dissecting</source>
- <translation type="vanished">Analysiere</translation>
- </message>
- <message>
<source>Sorting &quot;%1&quot;</source>
<translation>&quot;%1&quot; wird sortiert</translation>
diff --git a/ui/qt/wireshark_it.ts b/ui/qt/wireshark_it.ts
index 791e58ad78..bc5dd1c7ef 100644
--- a/ui/qt/wireshark_it.ts
+++ b/ui/qt/wireshark_it.ts
@@ -6666,7 +6666,7 @@ Ad esempio, usa 1 ora per fare in modo che un nuovo file sia creato ogni ora.</t
<source>QUIC Stream</source>
- <translation type="unfinished"></translation>
+ <translation>Flusso QUIC</translation>
<source>Time Sequence (tcptrace)</source>
@@ -8437,10 +8437,6 @@ Ad esempio, usa 1 ora per fare in modo che un nuovo file sia creato ogni ora.</t
- <source>Dissecting</source>
- <translation type="vanished">Decodifica</translation>
- </message>
- <message>
<source>Sorting &quot;%1&quot;</source>
<translation>Ordinamento di &quot;%1&quot;</translation>
diff --git a/ui/qt/wireshark_pl.ts b/ui/qt/wireshark_pl.ts
index 0daa5fcf3f..f0d0cc4362 100644
--- a/ui/qt/wireshark_pl.ts
+++ b/ui/qt/wireshark_pl.ts
@@ -8447,10 +8447,6 @@ For example, use 1 hour to have a new file created every hour on the hour.</sour
- <source>Dissecting</source>
- <translation type="vanished">Analizowanie</translation>
- </message>
- <message>
<source>Sorting &quot;%1&quot;</source>
<translation>Sortowanie &quot;%1&quot;</translation>
diff --git a/ui/qt/wireshark_ru.ts b/ui/qt/wireshark_ru.ts
index a9fbb812eb..92bd7b86eb 100644
--- a/ui/qt/wireshark_ru.ts
+++ b/ui/qt/wireshark_ru.ts
@@ -8458,10 +8458,6 @@ For example, use 1 hour to have a new file created every hour on the hour.</sour
- <source>Dissecting</source>
- <translation type="vanished">Анализ</translation>
- </message>
- <message>
<source>Sorting &quot;%1&quot;</source>
<translation>Сортировка &quot;%1&quot;</translation>
diff --git a/ui/qt/wireshark_sv.ts b/ui/qt/wireshark_sv.ts
index 395a5eff05..e94f258e8f 100644
--- a/ui/qt/wireshark_sv.ts
+++ b/ui/qt/wireshark_sv.ts
@@ -8437,10 +8437,6 @@ Till exempel, använd 1 timma för att en ny fil skall skapas varje timma vid he
- <source>Dissecting</source>
- <translation type="vanished">Dissekerar</translation>
- </message>
- <message>
<source>Sorting &quot;%1&quot;</source>
<translation>Sorterar ”%1”</translation>
diff --git a/ui/qt/wireshark_zh_CN.ts b/ui/qt/wireshark_zh_CN.ts
index d99e424d04..a113505c65 100644
--- a/ui/qt/wireshark_zh_CN.ts
+++ b/ui/qt/wireshark_zh_CN.ts
@@ -8410,10 +8410,6 @@ For example, use 1 hour to have a new file created every hour on the hour.</sour
- <source>Dissecting</source>
- <translation type="vanished">解析</translation>
- </message>
- <message>
<source>Sorting &quot;%1&quot;</source>