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In "Save As", support only file types we can write to; that simplifies
the logic, making it easier to get it right (fewer interactions between components of the dialog - the file type doesn't affect whether we can save some but not all packets). It also means we don't offer a file type for saving, only to take it away if you choose anything other than saving all packets. If the capture file is a temporary file from a capture done in the current Ethereal session, it's libpcap format, which we can write to, so you would be able to save it. If it's a saved file we read in, saving the file in its entirety in its own format is just copying the file, and it's not clear supporting that adds enough useful functionality to justify the extra complication. Fix "range_update_dynamics()" to update all the rows of the range button/count table properly (make the button active iff there's a non-zero count in the currently-selected column, make a count active iff the column is selected), to select the "Captured" column if the count of displayed packets goes to zero, and to select the "Save all packets" row if the count of packets in the currently-selected row and column goes to zero. (XXX - we should perhaps do that with the "user-defined range" counts as well, which would involve updating the counts on every change to the range field.) svn path=/trunk/; revision=17251
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