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authorTomas Kukosa <tomas.kukosa@siemens.com>2007-12-04 11:19:29 +0000
committerTomas Kukosa <tomas.kukosa@siemens.com>2007-12-04 11:19:29 +0000
commit08bbd29c71b8068e419f95a7a8cb7332ef0a3a3d (patch)
treef0bdb59e0947e9cfeac882b6b58a4753af6511be /capture-pcap-util.h
parent48537a7a6505e68faadbed9837a4159c2758d442 (diff)
Support for RPCAP features in GUI (from Boris Misenov, see Bug 1366)
- retrieving the list of remote PCAP interfaces - password authentication support - UDP data fransfer - packet sampling (available in WinPcap 4.x) etc. fix problem if non-default rpcap port is used svn path=/trunk/; revision=23750
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diff --git a/capture-pcap-util.h b/capture-pcap-util.h
index 6de58441a9..259a8ed48c 100644
--- a/capture-pcap-util.h
+++ b/capture-pcap-util.h
@@ -68,6 +68,11 @@ typedef struct {
} if_addr_t;
GList *get_interface_list(int *err, char **err_str);
+GList *get_remote_interface_list(const char *hostname, const char *port,
+ int auth_type, const char *username,
+ const char *passwd, int *err, char **err_str);
/* Error values from "get_interface_list()/capture_interface_list()". */
#define CANT_GET_INTERFACE_LIST 1 /* error getting list */