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Two new options added to TCP.
1, Analyze TCP sequence numbers. This option will keep track of sequence numbers for all tcp sessions and flag the following: a, If a new segment is seen which is beyong the right edge this is an indication that the previous segment was lost and this will be flagged as previous segment lost. b, If a segment is seen which lies left of the right edge this is flagged as retransmission. c, if a keep-alive is seen (empty segment, seq==expected seq-1) this is flagged as a retransmission. d, if an ACK is seen which is beyond the right edge this is an indication that a segment has been lost and it will be flagged as segment lost. All ACKs which advance the left edge get the RTT displayed between the ACKed segment and the ACK itself. The ACK also gets an indication of WHICH segment it is an ACK for. 2, Relative sequence numbers. This option needs the first option to be selected as well. This option will as best as it can try to get ethereal to use relative sequence numbers instead of absolute ones. The patch does not handle sequence number wrapping and unexpected results can probably happen for such. svn path=/trunk/; revision=5931
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