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+In order to capture packets (with Ethereal/Tethereal, tcpdump, or any
+other packet capture program) on a Linux system, your kernel must have
+the Berkeley packet Filter mechanism enabled. On some BSDs (recent
+versions of FreeBSD, for example), it's enabled by default in the
+generic kernel; it's not enabled by default in older FreeBSD kernels,
+and might not be enabled by default in other kernels.
+The entry in the FreeBSD 3.4 i386 GENERIC configuration file for it is:
+ # The `bpfilter' pseudo-device enables the Berkeley Packet Filter.
+ # Be aware of the administrative consequences of enabling this!
+ # The number of devices determines the maximum number of
+ # simultaneous BPF clients programs runnable.
+ pseudo-device bpfilter 1 #Berkeley packet filter
+To enable BPF, add "pseudo-device" line such as the last line there to
+your configuration file, re-run "config", rebuild the kernel, install
+the new kernel, and reboot.
+Note that some daemons, or other applications, may be BPF clients, i.e.
+may use the BPF mechanism to see link-layer traffic coming into the
+machine and send link-layer traffic from the machine; for example, if
+the number in the "pseudo-device bpfilter" line is 1, and such a daemon
+or application is running, a packet-capture program will not be able to
+do packet capture, as the one and only BPF device will already be in
+use. You may therefore need to increase the number of BPF devices, by
+increasing the number in the "pseudo-device bpfilter" line, re-running
+"config", rebuilding the kernel, installing the new kernel, and