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Convert README to README.md.
Convert the contents of the top-level README to Markdown and give it a .md extension. Most of our documentation is plain text or AsciiDoc, but the top-level README file in a Git repository is special in that many online browsers will show the README contents along with the directory listing and those browsers tend to favor Markdown. This is true of GitHub (which we're currently mirroring to), Gerrit via its Gitiles plugin (which we're not yet using but likely will), and other places. Add "foreign" to AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE. There is probably a joke to be made here about the FSF and border walls. Change-Id: I87c306d74864e1f0a432225b160a1b4483ee946c Reviewed-on: https://code.wireshark.org/review/23049 Reviewed-by: Gerald Combs <gerald@wireshark.org> Petri-Dish: Gerald Combs <gerald@wireshark.org> Tested-by: Petri Dish Buildbot <buildbot-no-reply@wireshark.org> Reviewed-by: Anders Broman <a.broman58@gmail.com>
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@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ reconfiguring, and a file `config.log' containing compiler output
If you need to do unusual things to compile the package, please try
to figure out how `configure' could check whether to do them, and mail
-diffs or instructions to the address given in the `README' so they can
+diffs or instructions to the address given in the `README.md' so they can
be considered for the next release. If at some point `config.cache'
contains results you don't want to keep, you may remove or edit it.
@@ -111,7 +111,7 @@ Optional Features
`configure', where FEATURE indicates an optional part of the package.
They may also pay attention to `--with-PACKAGE' options, where PACKAGE
is something like `gnu-as' or `x' (for the X Window System). The
-`README' should mention any `--enable-' and `--with-' options that the
+`README.md' should mention any `--enable-' and `--with-' options that the
package recognizes.
For packages that use the X Window System, `configure' can usually