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Installing Ethereal, Tethereal, and Editcap on Win32
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You will hopefully now see something like ethereal-setup-0.10.2.exe in the dir packaging/nsis.
+Installing GTK-Wimp
+GTK-Wimp can be used to get a native Look-and-Feel on WinXP machines,
+especially with the new "coloured" WinXP theme. It will only take effect
+together with the GTK2 version of Ethereal.
+No changes to the Ethereal sources are needed, GTK-Wimp simply changes the
+way GTK2 displays the widgets (by changing the GTK2 default theme).
+GTK-Wimp might already be installed. In this case, the files mentioned below
+are already existing at the appropriate places.
+If GTK-Wimp isn't installed, you can install it yourself:
+1. Go to http://gtk-wimp.sourceforge.net/
+2. Download the ZIP archive containing the library and the theme
+3. Locate the installation directory of Ethereal (C:\Program Files\Ethereal)
+4. Create a subdirectory 'share\themes\Default\gtk-2.0'
+5. Drop the file 'gtkrc' in 'share\themes\Default\gtk-2.0'
+6. Create a subdirectory named 'lib\gtk-2.0\2.2.0\engines'
+7. Drop the 'libwimp.dll' library in 'lib\gtk-2.0\2.2.0\engines'
+When you're finished, you should have:
+C:\Program Files\Ethereal\lib\gtk-2.0\2.2.0\engines\libwimp.dll
+C:\Program Files\Ethereal\share\themes\Default\gtk-2.0\gtkrc
+After (re-)starting Ethereal, you should now see it's widgets in the modern
+WinXP style on your screen.
Instructions for Cygwin