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+here you will find the files related to the hardware aspect of SIMtrace.
+the hardware for SIMtrace (1) and SIMtrace 2 is almost the same.
+the main difference is the micro-controller.
+SIMtrace (1) uses an Atmel AT91SAM7S micro-controller.
+This micro-controller has been deprecated for some time and needed to be replaced.
+SIMtrace 2 uses am Atmal ATSAM3S.
+Because the micro-controller architecture is difference, the firmware has been rewritten from scratch.
+The firmware for SIMtrace 2 will not work on SIMtrace boards with AT91SAM7S micro-controllers.
+- releases: archives containing schematic and fabrication output of the various SIMtrace versions
+- kicad: the source files for the hardware design (schematic and board layout)
+- pcd: schematic and fabrication output of the current SIMtrace version
+- datasheet: collection of datasheets for parts used by SIMtrace
+- geda: an initial trial of redesigning SIMtrace, abandoned
+updated schematic:
+- made more readable
+- uses SAM3S micro-controller for SIMtrace 2
+- has several parts marked as Do Not Place (DNP) since they are not required anymore by the SAM3S
+the board layout is the same as v1.4.
+you just need to use the updated BOM with new micro-controller and fewer parts.
+see SIMtrace.csv for DNP parts.
+the BOM.ods is outdated but still provided some links for the parts.