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2018-04-26rtl_test: fix build on Mac OSSteve Markgraf1-2/+2
2018-02-20rtl_test: Support PPM error measurement on Windows.Kacper Michajłow1-12/+46
2014-02-10lib: change default number of transfers to 15Steve Markgraf1-2/+1
2014-02-04rtl_test: update copyright headerSteve Markgraf1-1/+5
2014-02-04rtl_test: refactoring and optimization for PPM errorMichael Tatarinov1-91/+97
2014-01-24rtl_fm/rtl_test: fix build with MSVC after recent changesSteve Markgraf1-0/+2
2014-01-23rtl_test: useful ppmKyle Keen1-27/+63
2014-01-23utils: convenience functionsKyle Keen1-22/+13
2013-11-21rtl_test: use static instead of global varSteve Markgraf1-2/+1
2013-10-25tools: play nice with mingw/cygwinHoernchen1-1/+1
2013-03-06rtl_test: add info messageSteve Markgraf1-0/+7
2012-11-04rtl_eeprom, rtl_test: remove unused variables and labelsSteve Markgraf1-3/+1
2012-10-24rtl_test: add ppm measurementKyle Keen1-2/+90
2012-06-28rtl_test: tuner PLL benchmark only works with E4000Steve Markgraf1-1/+5
2012-06-02introduce getters for tuner parameters (gain, type)Dimitri Stolnikov1-0/+10
2012-05-29add local copy of getopt() for win32 buildSteve Markgraf1-16/+1
2012-05-25fix gain setting and update usage information for CLI toolsDimitri Stolnikov1-4/+4
2012-05-21fix win32 build of rtl_testHoernchen1-3/+5
2012-05-17add an initial version of rtl_testSteve Markgraf1-0/+292