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authorDimitri Stolnikov <horiz0n@gmx.net>2012-05-25 20:45:47 +0200
committerDimitri Stolnikov <horiz0n@gmx.net>2012-05-25 20:45:47 +0200
commitb5beddca4f3ac5f7614d3fea3e1516336e1f4951 (patch)
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fix gain setting and update usage information for CLI tools
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diff --git a/src/rtl_test.c b/src/rtl_test.c
index 7af4ce0..455c444 100644
--- a/src/rtl_test.c
+++ b/src/rtl_test.c
@@ -44,12 +44,12 @@ static rtlsdr_dev_t *dev = NULL;
void usage(void)
#ifdef _WIN32
- fprintf(stderr,"rtl-sdr, an I/Q recorder for RTL2832 based USB-sticks\n\n"
- "Usage:\t rtl-test-win.exe [device_index] [samplerate in kHz] [e4k test mode]\n"
- "\ti.e. rtl-test-win.exe 0 2048 1\n");
+ fprintf(stderr,"rtl_test, a benchmark tool for RTL2832 based DVB-T receivers\n\n"
+ "Usage:\t rtl_test.exe [device_index] [samplerate in kHz] [e4k test mode]\n"
+ "\ti.e. rtl_test.exe 0 2048 1\n");
- "rtl_test, librtlsdr test tool\n\n"
+ "rtl_test, a benchmark tool for RTL2832 based DVB-T receivers\n\n"
"\t[-s samplerate (default: 2048000 Hz)]\n"
"\t[-d device_index (default: 0)]\n"