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2012-01-13vmstate: extract declarations out of hw/hw.hPaolo Bonzini1-0/+11
2011-05-08Fix typos in comments and code (occured -> occurred and related)Stefan Weil1-1/+1
2010-12-22pcie: add flr supportIsaku Yamahata1-2/+0
2010-11-22pcie/aer: helper functions for pcie aer capabilityIsaku Yamahata1-0/+14
2010-10-27pcie: clean up hot plug notificationMichael S. Tsirkin1-2/+7
2010-10-20pcie: comment on hpev_intxIsaku Yamahata1-1/+9
2010-10-19pcie: helper functions for pcie capability and extended capabilityIsaku Yamahata1-0/+107