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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2012-02-24hw/9pfs: Endian fixes for virtfsBenjamin Herrenschmidt1-3/+5
2012-02-15qom: Unify type registrationAndreas Färber1-2/+2
2012-02-08Merge remote-tracking branch 'aneesh/for-upstream' into stagingAnthony Liguori5-20/+367
2012-02-03qdev: register all types natively through QEMU Object ModelAnthony Liguori1-7/+9
2012-01-30hw/9pfs: Remove O_NOATIME flag from 9pfs open() calls in readonly modeDaniel P. Berrange1-1/+0
2012-01-30hw/9pfs: Fix crash when mounting with synthfsAneesh Kumar K.V1-1/+1
2012-01-30hw/9pfs: Preserve S_ISGIDM. Mohan Kumar2-5/+6
2012-01-27pci: convert to QEMU Object ModelAnthony Liguori1-17/+26
2012-01-27qdev: prepare source tree for code conversionAnthony Liguori1-2/+1
2012-01-19hw/9pfs: Add new security model mapped-file.Aneesh Kumar K.V3-13/+360
2012-01-06virtio-9p-proxy: Fix typo causing compile failure on 32 bit hostsPeter Maydell1-2/+2
2012-01-04hw/9pfs: Add support to use named socket for proxy FSM. Mohan Kumar1-7/+45
2012-01-04hw/9pfs: Proxy getversionM. Mohan Kumar2-0/+33
2012-01-04hw/9pfs: xattr interfaces in proxy filesystem driverM. Mohan Kumar2-8/+120
2012-01-04hw/9pfs: File ownership and othersM. Mohan Kumar2-12/+130
2012-01-04hw/9pfs: Add stat/readlink/statfs for proxy FSM. Mohan Kumar2-8/+232
2012-01-04hw/9pfs: Create other filesystem objectsM. Mohan Kumar2-17/+190
2012-01-04hw/9pfs: Open and create filesM. Mohan Kumar2-6/+192
2012-01-04hw/9pfs: File system helper process for qemu 9p proxy FSM. Mohan Kumar1-0/+9
2012-01-04hw/9pfs: Add new proxy filesystem driverM. Mohan Kumar2-0/+412
2012-01-04hw/9pfs: Add validation to {un}marshal codeM. Mohan Kumar1-123/+338
2012-01-04hw/9pfs: Move pdu_marshal/unmarshal code to a seperate fileM. Mohan Kumar2-322/+12
2012-01-04hw/9pfs: Move opt validation to FsDriver callbackAneesh Kumar K.V3-5/+62
2011-12-21hw/9pfs: iattr_valid flags are kernel internal flags map them to 9p values.Aneesh Kumar K.V1-23/+24
2011-12-21hw/9pfs: Use the correct signed type for different variablesAneesh Kumar K.V2-11/+12
2011-12-21hw/9pfs: replace iovec manipulation with QEMUIOVectorStefan Hajnoczi1-102/+60
2011-12-06fix spelling in hw sub directoryDong Xu Wang2-2/+2
2011-12-06fix typo: delete redundant semicolonDong Xu Wang3-6/+6
2011-12-04hw/9pfs: Use the correct file descriptor in Fsdriver CallbackAneesh Kumar K.V4-20/+53
2011-12-04hw/9pfs: Add qdev.reset callback for virtio-9p-pci deviceAneesh Kumar K.V1-1/+2
2011-12-04hw/9pfs: Reset server state during TVERSIONDeepak C Shetty1-0/+26
2011-12-04hw/9pfs: use migration blockers to prevent live migration when virtfs export ...Aneesh Kumar K.V3-13/+33
2011-12-04hw/9pfs: Improve portability to older systemsAneesh Kumar K.V1-33/+0
2011-11-289pfs: improve portability to older systemsAneesh Kumar K.V1-1/+6
2011-11-289pfs: improve portability to older systemsPaolo Bonzini1-2/+5
2011-11-219p: pass dotl flags to the unlinkat methodPaolo Bonzini2-11/+11
2011-11-219p: allow compiling the dummy virtio-9p-handle.c code on LinuxPaolo Bonzini1-1/+2
2011-11-09configure: fix detection for xattr.h on modern distributionsAvi Kivity4-4/+4
2011-11-02hw/9pfs: use g_vasprintf() instead of rolling our ownStefan Hajnoczi1-99/+4
2011-10-31hw/9pfs: Replace rwlocks with RCU variants of interfaces.Harsh Prateek Bora1-16/+13
2011-10-31hw/9pfs: Add synthetic file system support using 9pAneesh Kumar K.V3-0/+630
2011-10-31hw/9pfs: Abstract open state of fid to V9fsFidOpenStateAneesh Kumar K.V7-128/+160
2011-10-31hw/9pfs: Read-only support for 9p exportM. Mohan Kumar1-0/+50
2011-10-31hw/9pfs: Fix error handling in local_mknodAneesh Kumar K.V1-8/+5
2011-10-30hw/9pfs: Make VirtFS tracing work correctlyAneesh Kumar K.V1-31/+29
2011-10-15hw/9pfs: Use export flag for indicating security modelAneesh Kumar K.V2-50/+33
2011-10-15hw/9pfs: Rename fstype to fsdriver to make it consistent across VirtFS codeAneesh Kumar K.V1-1/+1
2011-10-15hw/9pfs: Use export_flag for indicating whether fs driver use path names.Aneesh Kumar K.V5-9/+8
2011-10-15hw/9pfs: Use fs driver specific lstatM. Mohan Kumar1-10/+23
2011-10-15hw/9pfs: Remove virtio-9p-debug.* infra to be replaced by Qemu Tracing.Harsh Prateek Bora3-660/+0