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diff --git a/hw/acpi.h b/hw/acpi.h
index 5c43b7d0c..530c86ac8 100644
--- a/hw/acpi.h
+++ b/hw/acpi.h
@@ -78,8 +78,9 @@ typedef struct ACPIPMTimer ACPIPMTimer;
typedef struct ACPIPM1EVT ACPIPM1EVT;
typedef struct ACPIPM1CNT ACPIPM1CNT;
typedef struct ACPIGPE ACPIGPE;
+typedef struct ACPIREGS ACPIREGS;
-typedef void (*acpi_update_sci_fn)(ACPIPMTimer *tmr);
+typedef void (*acpi_update_sci_fn)(ACPIREGS *ar);
struct ACPIPMTimer {
QEMUTimer *timer;
@@ -106,12 +107,21 @@ struct ACPIGPE {
uint8_t *en;
+struct ACPIREGS {
+ ACPIPMTimer tmr;
+ ACPIGPE gpe;
+ struct {
+ } pm1;
/* PM_TMR */
-void acpi_pm_tmr_update(ACPIPMTimer *tmr, bool enable);
-void acpi_pm_tmr_calc_overflow_time(ACPIPMTimer *tmr);
-uint32_t acpi_pm_tmr_get(ACPIPMTimer *tmr);
-void acpi_pm_tmr_init(ACPIPMTimer *tmr, acpi_update_sci_fn update_sci);
-void acpi_pm_tmr_reset(ACPIPMTimer *tmr);
+void acpi_pm_tmr_update(ACPIREGS *ar, bool enable);
+void acpi_pm_tmr_calc_overflow_time(ACPIREGS *ar);
+uint32_t acpi_pm_tmr_get(ACPIREGS *ar);
+void acpi_pm_tmr_init(ACPIREGS *ar, acpi_update_sci_fn update_sci);
+void acpi_pm_tmr_reset(ACPIREGS *ar);
#include "qemu-timer.h"
static inline int64_t acpi_pm_tmr_get_clock(void)
@@ -121,24 +131,24 @@ static inline int64_t acpi_pm_tmr_get_clock(void)
/* PM1a_EVT: piix and ich9 don't implement PM1b. */
-uint16_t acpi_pm1_evt_get_sts(ACPIPM1EVT *pm1, int64_t overflow_time);
-void acpi_pm1_evt_write_sts(ACPIPM1EVT *pm1, ACPIPMTimer *tmr, uint16_t val);
-void acpi_pm1_evt_power_down(ACPIPM1EVT *pm1, ACPIPMTimer *tmr);
-void acpi_pm1_evt_reset(ACPIPM1EVT *pm1);
+uint16_t acpi_pm1_evt_get_sts(ACPIREGS *ar, int64_t overflow_time);
+void acpi_pm1_evt_write_sts(ACPIREGS *ar, uint16_t val);
+void acpi_pm1_evt_power_down(ACPIREGS *ar);
+void acpi_pm1_evt_reset(ACPIREGS *ar);
/* PM1a_CNT: piix and ich9 don't implement PM1b CNT. */
-void acpi_pm1_cnt_init(ACPIPM1CNT *pm1_cnt, qemu_irq cmos_s3);
-void acpi_pm1_cnt_write(ACPIPM1EVT *pm1a, ACPIPM1CNT *pm1_cnt, uint16_t val);
-void acpi_pm1_cnt_update(ACPIPM1CNT *pm1_cnt,
+void acpi_pm1_cnt_init(ACPIREGS *ar, qemu_irq cmos_s3);
+void acpi_pm1_cnt_write(ACPIREGS *ar, uint16_t val);
+void acpi_pm1_cnt_update(ACPIREGS *ar,
bool sci_enable, bool sci_disable);
-void acpi_pm1_cnt_reset(ACPIPM1CNT *pm1_cnt);
+void acpi_pm1_cnt_reset(ACPIREGS *ar);
/* GPE0 */
-void acpi_gpe_init(ACPIGPE *gpe, uint8_t len);
-void acpi_gpe_blk(ACPIGPE *gpe, uint32_t blk);
-void acpi_gpe_reset(ACPIGPE *gpe);
+void acpi_gpe_init(ACPIREGS *ar, uint8_t len);
+void acpi_gpe_blk(ACPIREGS *ar, uint32_t blk);
+void acpi_gpe_reset(ACPIREGS *ar);
-void acpi_gpe_ioport_writeb(ACPIGPE *gpe, uint32_t addr, uint32_t val);
-uint32_t acpi_gpe_ioport_readb(ACPIGPE *gpe, uint32_t addr);
+void acpi_gpe_ioport_writeb(ACPIREGS *ar, uint32_t addr, uint32_t val);
+uint32_t acpi_gpe_ioport_readb(ACPIREGS *ar, uint32_t addr);
#endif /* !QEMU_HW_ACPI_H */