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authorMichael Walle <michael@walle.cc>2011-02-17 23:45:10 +0100
committerEdgar E. Iglesias <edgar.iglesias@gmail.com>2011-03-07 13:42:36 +0100
commitea7924dcc4000643ad767fa106a15acb9f8e055b (patch)
tree33cf6470cdd7deff07b3d9e84f9fa94dfea268f4 /trace-events
parentf89286ae45973e00189da67f28264ade74a645e2 (diff)
lm32: timer model
This patch adds support for the LatticeMico32 system timer. Signed-off-by: Michael Walle <michael@walle.cc> Signed-off-by: Edgar E. Iglesias <edgar.iglesias@gmail.com>
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diff --git a/trace-events b/trace-events
index 966099f24..af7b27f53 100644
--- a/trace-events
+++ b/trace-events
@@ -269,3 +269,9 @@ disable lm32_juart_get_jtx(uint32_t value) "jtx 0x%08x"
disable lm32_juart_set_jtx(uint32_t value) "jtx 0x%08x"
disable lm32_juart_get_jrx(uint32_t value) "jrx 0x%08x"
disable lm32_juart_set_jrx(uint32_t value) "jrx 0x%08x"
+# hw/lm32_timer.c
+disable lm32_timer_memory_write(uint32_t addr, uint32_t value) "addr 0x%08x value 0x%08x"
+disable lm32_timer_memory_read(uint32_t addr, uint32_t value) "addr 0x%08x value 0x%08x"
+disable lm32_timer_hit(void) "timer hit"
+disable lm32_timer_irq_state(int level) "irq state %d"