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authoraliguori <aliguori@c046a42c-6fe2-441c-8c8c-71466251a162>2008-09-11 14:18:56 +0000
committeraliguori <aliguori@c046a42c-6fe2-441c-8c8c-71466251a162>2008-09-11 14:18:56 +0000
commitda3d9c5b4683efa5bc106e2abcf181e8b187741f (patch)
tree60604bd7af9cf9e456afb230e7db0d72f50f536b /compatfd.h
parentd84763bc1771583e1731c6a351daa157e2d02125 (diff)
Fix the build on non-Linux systems
It turns out, we're never reading from the signalfd() which is causing it to remain readable forever. I'll fix this up but I thought I'd commit this fix in the interim. Signed-off-by: Anthony Liguori <aliguori@us.ibm.com> git-svn-id: svn://svn.savannah.nongnu.org/qemu/trunk@5194 c046a42c-6fe2-441c-8c8c-71466251a162
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1 files changed, 1 insertions, 5 deletions
diff --git a/compatfd.h b/compatfd.h
index e7db2a109..55a111a57 100644
--- a/compatfd.h
+++ b/compatfd.h
@@ -16,14 +16,10 @@
#include <signal.h>
-#if defined(__linux__) && !defined(SYS_signalfd)
-struct signalfd_siginfo {
+struct qemu_signalfd_siginfo {
uint32_t ssi_signo;
uint8_t pad[124];
-#include <linux/signalfd.h>
int qemu_signalfd(const sigset_t *mask);