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2021-05-23pySim-read: adjust meaning of HPLMN/OPLMN flags in EF_SPNRobert Falkenberg6-12/+12
2021-05-03ts_51_011, utils: fix Access Technology Identifier codingPhilipp Maier4-9/+9
2021-05-03utils: fix dec_xplmn_w_act() and format_xplmn_w_act()Philipp Maier4-9/+9
2021-04-21pysim-testdata/sysmoISIM-SJA2: change card in test rigPhilipp Maier2-6/+4
2021-04-13Use construct for EF_AD in pySim-{shell, prog, read}.py, cards.pyRobert Falkenberg6-6/+6
2021-04-10Wavemobile: adjust test expectations about binary EF.AD contentHarald Welte1-1/+1
2021-04-07SysmoISIM-SJA2: Add option to set Service Provider Name (SPN)Robert Falkenberg1-3/+3
2021-01-05pySim-read.py: Enable reading of UICC IARI from ISIMSupreeth Herle1-0/+10
2021-01-05sysmoISIM-SJA2: Enable programming of EF.MSISDNSupreeth Herle1-1/+1
2021-01-05pySim-read.py: Enable reading of EF.IMPU from ISIMSupreeth Herle1-0/+10
2021-01-05pySim-read.py: Enable reading of EF.IMPI from ISIMSupreeth Herle1-0/+1
2021-01-05pySim-read.py: Enable reading of Home Network Domain Name from ISIMSupreeth Herle1-0/+1
2021-01-05pySim-read.py: Enabled reading P-CSCF address from ISIMSupreeth Herle1-0/+10
2021-01-05utils.py: Bugfix for parsing non-programmed EFePDGSelectionherlesupreeth1-2/+3
2020-10-21pySim-read.py: Enable parsing of EF.ePDGSelection in USIMSupreeth Herle1-0/+6
2020-10-03Move reading of ePDG Id to generic USIM classherlesupreeth3-3/+0
2020-09-20pySim-read.py: decode contents of EF.AD (Administrative data)Vadim Yanitskiy6-6/+18
2020-09-16Update UST table as per the latest 3GPP TS 31.102 specificationSupreeth Herle1-0/+4
2020-09-15sysmo-isim-sja2: fix test expectationsPhilipp Maier2-8/+8
2020-08-28Add support for ADF_USIM/EF_EHPLMNHarald Welte1-0/+6
2020-06-23pySim-read.py: Enable parsing of Home ePDG Identifier in USIMSupreeth Herle4-0/+6
2020-05-13Treat MCC and MNC as strings, not integersHarald Welte6-14/+14
2020-05-12pySim-prog, pySim-read, do not echo reader idPhilipp Maier6-6/+6
2020-05-09Fix writing of EF.HPLMNwAcT on sysmoISIM-SJA2Harald Welte1-10/+10
2020-04-27Enable parsing of ISIM Service table (IST)Supreeth Herle1-0/+6
2020-04-27Enable parsing of USIM Service table (UST)Supreeth Herle4-0/+153
2020-04-27Use helper method to print available service in EF.SSTSupreeth Herle6-234/+240
2020-04-16Populate AIDs present on the UICCSupreeth Herle2-2/+4
2020-04-16Add ability to parse SIM Service Table (EF.SST)Supreeth Herle6-0/+240
2020-03-22pySim-read.py: Added a common card detection function for both pySim-prog.py ...Supreeth Herle6-4/+10
2020-03-13pySim-read.py: support for reading GID2 from SIMSupreeth Herle6-0/+6
2020-03-13pySim-read.py: support for reading GID1 from SIMSupreeth Herle6-0/+6
2020-02-15pySim-prog.py: add support for MSISDN programmingSupreeth Herle2-1/+2
2020-02-15pySim-read.py: fix reading and parsing of EF.MSISDNSupreeth Herle2-2/+2
2020-02-15Fix MCC and MCC representation in the output of pySim-readSupreeth Herle4-8/+8
2020-02-15pySim-read.py: print meaningful message when SPN is not setSupreeth Herle2-2/+2
2020-02-14testdata/sysmoUSIM-SJS1.ok: make it match the actual EF.HPLMNAcTVadim Yanitskiy1-12/+12
2020-01-21Added feature to program SPN into sysmoUSIM-SJS1 SIM cardsSupreeth Herle1-3/+3
2020-01-21Added feature to read Service Provider Name (SPN) from the SIM cardSupreeth Herle6-0/+18
2019-12-31cards: Add support for sysmo-isim-sja2Philipp Maier2-0/+60
2019-12-16Fix automated testsPhilipp Maier5-5/+5
2019-11-12Fairwaves-SIM: Add test dataPhilipp Maier2-0/+46
2019-09-03pySim-prog: Add option for hex ADM keysDaniel Willmann1-1/+1
2019-09-02pysim-testdate: Add test data for Wavemobile-simPhilipp Maier2-0/+53
2019-05-10pySim-*.py: print info about selected reader interfaceVadim Yanitskiy3-0/+3
2019-05-10utils: add EF [H|O]PLMNwAcT decoding.Daniel Laszlo Sitzer1-3/+42
2019-05-10import pysim-testdata of automatic testing to this repositoryHarald Welte6-0/+59