BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
fixeria/csdfixup! mobile: add support for Circuit Switched Data callsVadim Yanitskiy6 weeks
fixeria/csd_demoRevert 'tch-voice / io-handler' back to 'loopback'Vadim Yanitskiy8 days
fixeria/grgsm_hack[HACK] trxcon: permit event RX_DATA_IND in state FBSB_SEARCHVadim Yanitskiy5 months
fixeria/l1gprsmodem: pass TBF starting time from CFG UL/DL TBF ReqVadim Yanitskiy6 months
fixeria/l1gprs_hack[HACK] l1gprs: always send (empty) DATA.indVadim Yanitskiy3 months
jolly/ascimobile: Fix PCS ARFCN handling: PCS can only be ARFCN 512..810Andreas Eversberg6 days
jolly/testerfixup blablaAndreas Eversberg6 weeks
laforge/csd_decodeWIP: burst_process: Initial Fax (FA) frame supportHarald Welte8 months
masterfirmware: -nostartfiles -nodefaultlibs are not flags of LD but flags of GCCHarald Welte8 days
pespin/packet-access-procedureWIP: Implement packet access procedure FSMPau Espin Pedrol5 months
osmocon_v0.0.0commit 10b30c606f...Harald Welte14 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
8 daysfirmware: -nostartfiles -nodefaultlibs are not flags of LD but flags of GCCHEADmasterHarald Welte1-4/+4
9 daysfirmware/layer1: avoid 'for' loop initial declarationsVadim Yanitskiy1-1/+2
2023-11-14trxcon/l1sched: tx_tch[fh]_fn(): fix sending idle CSD framesVadim Yanitskiy2-9/+32
2023-11-10ASCI: Notify talker in the VTY that he cannot leave the call while talkingAndreas Eversberg1-0/+2
2023-11-03mobile: rename voice.[ch] to tch.[ch]Vadim Yanitskiy9-31/+31
2023-11-03mobile: cosmetic: rename gsm48_rr_tx_{voice->traffic}()Vadim Yanitskiy3-3/+3
2023-11-03mobile: add params and VTY commands for data callsVadim Yanitskiy4-0/+152
2023-11-03mobile: gsm_settings_init(): set TCH frame format explicitlyVadim Yanitskiy1-0/+1
2023-11-03mobile: clarify TCH I/O {handler,format} namingVadim Yanitskiy6-78/+78
2023-11-02mobile: rename 'audio' node to 'tch-voice' nodeVadim Yanitskiy2-20/+27