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@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@ generated simultaniously using SDR. Currently supported networks:
* IMTS / MTS ((Improved) Mobile Telephone Service)
* Eurosignal (ERuRD paging service)
* JollyCom (Unofficial network, invented by the author)
+ * C-Netz BSC (Connecting to a C-Netz Base Station)
Additionally the following communication services are implemented:
@@ -64,3 +65,6 @@ Dieter Spaar providing TACS recordings to verify and debug TACS support.
Hans Wigger providing Radiocom 2000 recordings, to reverse-enigeer the standard,
which seems not to exist anymore...
+Peter, Peter and Friedhelm and Stephan for providing documentation and hardware
+for C-Netz Base Station and other C-Netz documents.