BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
2021q1gitignore: remove non-existing 'doc/manuals/osmomsc-usermanual.xml'Vadim Yanitskiy3 years
2021q4treewide: remove FSF addressOliver Smith24 months
2022q1treewide: remove FSF addressOliver Smith24 months
2022q2tests: use 'check_PROGRAMS' instead of 'noinst_PROGRAMS'Vadim Yanitskiy20 months
2023q1ms: init trash used to escape the usb callbacksEric11 months
achemeris/2sectorTranscever:hack: Support second independent channel by adding CLK socket to t...Alexander Chemeris8 years
achemeris/diversityradioInterface: HACK: placeholder for the diversity switching logic.Alexander Chemeris8 years
achemeris/empty-burstsTransceiver: Add an option to send RSSI to the GSM core even if the burst is ...Alexander Chemeris9 years
achemeris/load_testingconditional load testing (selected at compile time), turned on by default.Alexander Chemeris10 years
achemeris/phase_err_measTransceiver: Compansate for frequency error.Alexander Chemeris8 years
achemeris/poweroff_hackTransceiver52M: HACK: Exit transceiver on POWEROFF command.Alexander Chemeris10 years
achemeris/ramp-mask5 bit ramp-up/ramp-downAlexander Chemeris8 years
achemeris/rtmdDebug: Shorten names of RTMD tracks, add instrumentation to Transceiver.cpp.Alexander Chemeris10 years
achemeris/stable_threadsBuild: Remove dependency on SVN since we don't use it anymore anywhere.Alexander Chemeris10 years
coveritymcbts: Fix maximum number in channels in multicarrier configTom Tsou7 years
ewild/nextipc: fix driver test restartEric3 years
fairwaves/625sigproc: Setup downlink bursts at 156.25 duration with 4 SPSTom Tsou9 years
fairwaves/WIP-decoderosmo-trx-dec: Offline demodulation tool.Alexander Chemeris7 years
fairwaves/libxtrxfix buildSergey.Kostanbaev6 years
fairwaves/libxtrx-wipInitial XTRX supportSergey Kostanbaev4 years
fairwaves/master-oldTransceier52M: Make error response to an unknown command on UDP command inter...Alexander Chemeris9 years
fairwaves/no-demodfixupAlexander Chemeris8 years
fairwaves/productionrelease 1.2.0-fw.1Kirill Zakharenko4 years
fixeria/msconfigure.ac: check if LIBTRXCON_DIR (submodule) existsVadim Yanitskiy11 months
hoernchen/ipcipc: add master socket number/path parametersEric4 years
kluchnikov/recv-timeout-fixTransceiver52M: UHD: Exit on receive more than 100 timeout errorsIvan Kluchnikov9 years
laforge/limelms: Fix coding styleHarald Welte5 years
masterUse uniform log format for default config filesAndreas Eversberg8 days
max/fixAdd .gitignoreMax7 years
msms: Move clock indications generation to lower drive loopTom Tsou9 years
mstrxtrxcon mssdr patchEric13 months
mstx_newtrxconms-trx supportEric12 months
mstx_oldtrxcontrcon<->l1 data if without socketsEric13 months
osmith/ipccontrib/osmo-trx.spec.in: add osmo-trx-ipcOliver Smith4 years
osmith/rpmcontrib: integrate RPM specOliver Smith4 years
osmith/select-limesdr-by-serialWIP: move comma_delimited_to_vector to Utils.cppOliver Smith5 years
osmith/wipcontrib/jenkins: set boost libdir for armv8lOliver Smith3 days
pespin/lms-multiarfcnWIP: lms: Add multi-arfcn supportPau Espin Pedrol4 years
ramp-maskhack: Add manual cosine power ramp maskTom Tsou8 years
rel-0.3.0Bump version: 0.2.0 → 0.3.0Pau Espin Pedrol6 years
synctoynew msEric17 months
synctoy2wip ul burstsEric14 months
tnt/ciAdd C/I computationSylvain Munaut5 years
tnt/convolvetests: Re-enable the convolve_test by defaultSylvain Munaut5 years
ttsou/master-compattransceiver: Remove clock indications from control pathTom Tsou8 years
ttsou/siggensiggen: Add osmo-siggen for GSM/EDGE test signal generationTom Tsou6 years
whytek/ocsdrAdd 4/4 Tx/Rx SPS definition for OCR01Keith4 years
1.6.1commit 9269aaa9cb...Eric Wild4 weeks
1.6.0commit 2ada887367...Pau Espin Pedrol3 months
1.5.0commit 5e63151f9f...Pau Espin Pedrol10 months
1.4.1commit a39fa875a3...Pau Espin Pedrol17 months
1.4.0commit a7143d3cd0...Pau Espin Pedrol2 years
1.3.1commit 90d841748e...Harald Welte3 years
1.3.0commit 309ad4d901...Pau Espin Pedrol3 years
fairwaves/1.2.0-fw.1commit 9e5520660d...Kirill Zakharenko4 years
1.2.0commit da7fee8ea8...Pau Espin Pedrol4 years
1.1.1commit d0cbb16a93...Pau Espin Pedrol4 years
1.1.0commit e774d52504...Pau Espin Pedrol4 years
1.0.0commit d20b7fa579...Harald Welte5 years
0.4.0commit d0ac926b56...Pau Espin Pedrol6 years
0.3.0commit 71637150a1...Pau Espin Pedrol6 years
0.2.0commit 78e1cd20e2...Harald Welte6 years
fairwaves/0.1.11commit df83636300...Ivan Kluchnikov7 years
fairwaves/0.1.10-3commit bd9c6215da...Alexander Chemeris7 years
fairwaves/0.1.10-2commit 33f03a0bb9...Alexander Chemeris8 years
fairwaves/0.1.10-1commit a336f254dc...Kirill Zakharenko8 years
fairwaves/0.1.9-1commit b54d46e670...Kirill Zakharenko8 years
fairwaves/0.1.9commit bb8d46adaa...Kirill Zakharenko8 years