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2018-03-05Bump version: 0.2.0 → Espin Pedrol1-0/+68
Change-Id: I4dad76ed95dc585acfbd52d7eed4f2e6f9f5fd1f
2018-01-09Remove Configuration module and libsqlite dependencyPau Espin Pedrol2-15/+0
Change-Id: I823aea91367d586507bbf352f1b6f25bdd635baa
2017-10-28Tag/Release Welte1-0/+167
This is the first real tagged Osmocom release of OsmoTRX. [ Alexander Chemeris ] * EDGE: Add support for UmTRX. * Common: Get rid of a compilation warning. * Common: Make sure gLogEarly() log to the same facilities as the normal log. * transceiver: Properly handle MAXDLY. * transceiver: Add an option to generate random Access Bursts. * osmo-trx: Output Rx SPS as a part of configuration output. * transceiver: Do not pass transceiver state struct to function where it's not used. * makefile: Fix build from an external path. * radioDevice: GSMRATE macro must have parentheses around its definition. * uhd: Fix comment. * radioInterface: Initialize power scale with a meaningful default. * transceiver: Log channel number in DEBUG output of demoded bursts. * transceiver: Add an option to emulate a RACH delay in random filler mode. * UHD: Initial LimeSDR support. * CommonLibs: Remove unused files. * sigProcLib: Typo sybols -> symbols * radioBuffer: Remove extra ; at the end of inline function definitions. * sigProcLib: Fix documentation, sync argument names in .cpp and .h files. * sigProcLib: make energyDetect() simpler by returning actual energy. * sigProcLib: Rename demodulateBurst() to demodGmskBurst() for clarity. * sigProcLib: Slice SoftVector instead of signalVector for GMSK demod. * Call vectorSlicer() right before packing bits for transmission to osmo-bts. * CommonLibs: Print soft bits with less confidence to console when printing a soft vector. * BitVector: Remove convolutional codec - we don't use it in osmo-trx. * BitVector: Convert SoftVector from 0..1 to -1..+1 soft bits. * signalVector: Implement segment(). * vector: Introduce segmentMove() method to move data inside of a vector. * vector: Introduce shrink() function to shrink vector size without loosing data. * Move CorrType type from Transceiver to sigProcLib. * sigProcLib: rename signalError type to SignalError. * Move Transceiver::detectBurst() to sigProcLib to make it reusable. * Move BURST_THRESH from Transceiver.cpp to sigProcLib.h to make it reusable. * sigProcLib: Add operator<< to print CorrType to a string. * sigProcLib.h: Fix whitespaces. No non-whitespace changes. * Move Transceiver::demodulate() to sigProcLib to make it reusable. * sigProcLib: constify signalVector arguments for detectBurst() functions. * sigProcLib: Constify demodulation functions burst argument. * sigProcLib: Fix number of tail bits in random Normal Bursts and zero Stealing Bits. * Configuration: Variables allocated with 'new' must be freed with 'delete'. * BitVector: Remove Generator class. * PRBS: a Pseudo-random binary sequence (PRBS) generator class. [ Tom Tsou ] * EDGE: Fix USRP B210 device support * uhd: Correct timing alignment in 8-PSK and GMSK downlink bursts * EDGE: Fix demodulation slicer input * common: Restrict UDP binding to localhost only * common: Add mandatory length field to UDP receive calls * uhd: Update default E3XX settings * uhd: Set default Tx sampling to 4 sps * uhd: Make device offset check a private method * uhd: Set minimum UHD version requirement for E3XX * sigproc: Expand RACH, TSC, and EDGE correlation windows * transceiver: Do not report error on SETTSC when radio is on * transceiver: Add Rx samples-per-symbol option * radioInterface: Convert diversity argument to general type * iface: Add inner ring-buffer implementation * mcbts: Add multi-ARFCN channelizing filters * mcbts: Add multi-ARFCN radio support * sigproc: Adjust burst detection threshold criteria * egprs: Enable 8-PSK length vectors on the Tx interface * egprs: Enable 8-PSK burst detection when EDGE is enabled * transceiver: Remove HANDOVER warnings * mcbts: Allow out of order channel setup * radioInterface: Fix multi-channel buffer index bug * uhd: Add command line option for GPS reference * transceiver: Fix mixed GSMK / 8-PSK transmission * transceiver: Fix 4 SPS receive TOA value * sigproc: Fix missing 8-PSK tail symbols * uhd: Update USRP2/N200/N210 for 4 SPS Rx * sigproc: Match differential GMSK start/end bits to tail bits * uhd: Add missing B200 sample timing for 4 SPS receive * transceiver: Fix command build warning * uhd: Set minimum supported version to 3.9.0 * uhd: Add X300 sample timing for 4 SPS * Revert "uhd: Set minimum supported version to 3.9.0" * uhd: Add support for UHD-3.11 logging control * uhd: Increase MC-BTS FPGA clock rate to 51.2 MHz * Resampler: Fix initialization return checking * sigProcLib: Remove unreachable code and no-effect checks * sigProcLib: Check return status on downsampling * sigProcLib: Fix negative value check on unsigned value * Resampler: Fix non-array delete for filter taps * Transceiver: Remove unsigned negative compares * Configuration: Fix const and signedness compile warnings * config: Remove OpenBTS style sqlite configuration * radioInterface: Remove UmTRX 'diversity' option * build: Require and check for gcc C++11 support * uhd: Use map container for for device parameter access * sigProcLib: Remove unused functions from public interface * uhd: Add non-UmTRX channel swap support * uhd: Fix Tx-RX timing offset setting * uhd: Fix USRP2/N200/N210 device detection * transceiver: Fix POWEROFF crash on USRP2/N200/X300 devices * sigProcLib: Fix complex/real vector flag in Laurent modulator * sigProcLib: Remove heap based signal vector allocations * common: Declare explicit Vector move constructor * sigProcLib: Remove trigonometric tables * sigProcLib: Use explicit NaN check in sinc table generation * sigProcLib: Replace dynamically allocated resampling buffers * sigProcLib: Specify standard namespace for isnan() * uhd: Always specify samples-per-symbol for device lookup * LimeSDR: set approximate tx offset value to make GSM work [ Neels Hofmeyr ] * add basic .gitignore * configure.ac: check for boost/config.hpp header * The INSTALL file is being overwritten by autoreconf, but it is committed as empty file. As a result, the INSTALL file always shows as modified. Instead, remove INSTALL from git and ignore it. * add contrib/jenkins.sh, for gerrit build bot [ pierre.baudry ] * transceiver: Fix mismatched allocations and deallocations [ Holger Hans Peter Freyther ] * debian: Require fftw3 header files for osmo-trx [ Max ] * Add gerrit settings * Integrate Debian packaging changes * Remove embedded sqlite3 * Fix building against sqlite3 * Add autoconf-archive to dependencies * debian: remove obsolete dependency * deb: remove unused dependency * Remove redundant explicit dependency * Use release helper from libosmocore [ Ruben Undheim ] * Do not embed sqlite3 when building [ Philipp Maier ] * buildenv: Turn off native architecture builds * cosmetic: Make parameter lists uniform * Add test program to verify convolution implementation * ssedetect: Add runtime CPU detection * cosmetic: remove code duplication * buildenv: Make build CPU invariant * buildenv: Split up SSE3 and SSE4.1 code * cosmetic: Add info about SSE support [ Vadim Yanitskiy ] * buildenv: correct the ax_sse macro description * buildenv: actually strip unused cpuid functionality * buildenv: fix build on systems without SIMD support * buildenv: cosmetic changes * buildenv: check for __builtin_cpu_supports call support * ssedetect: call __builtin_cpu_supports() only if supported [ Pau Espin Pedrol ] * cosmetic: transciever: Remove trailing whitespaces * transceiver: Avoid sending clock indications when trx is not powered on * Add -j option to bind to specific address [ ignasj ] * LimeSDR: Change device detection to work with USB and PCIe versions * LimeSDR: change tx window type to TX_WINDOW_FIXED * LimeSDR: Fix sample value range [ Harald Welte ] * Add '-t' command line option to enable SCHED_RR * Import git-version-gen and update AC_INIT() Change-Id: Ibf3be6cc25e9b20d625b1f67972114b7f613f05c
2017-07-20Remove redundant explicit dependencyMax1-1/+1
There's no need to explicitly mention library package because ${shlibs:Depends} will take care of it automatically. Change-Id: Ibd9cfc3673d828122edb85ba9de7ceb77f0299d0
2017-07-06deb: remove unused dependencyMax1-2/+1
The libdbd dependency is not used because libsqlite3 is used directly - adjust debian/control to match. Change-Id: Id2ab1facad703fa0c1d45084e70d41e73dbad6e7 Related: OS#1929
2017-05-19debian: remove obsolete dependencyMax1-1/+0
This should fix package build for Ubuntu 17.04: obsolete package hardening-wrapper was removed which cause .deb build failure. The dependency on it is incorrect to begin with because we use DEB_BUILD_MAINT_OPTIONS instead. Change-Id: I3ea72b4123a280a846086d083c4f3189d611f8cf
2017-03-14Add autoconf-archive to dependenciesMax1-0/+1
We use AX_EXT in ./configure for checking CPU features anyway, so it's better to add it as explicit dependency. Related: OS#1923 Change-Id: I7ba48e1df4ede8b477574da3faa15fd02e15c69b
2017-01-26Fix building against sqlite3Max1-0/+1
* Explicitly check for sqlite3 at configure stage, remove old include dir, fix header inclusion. * Use configure results for linking instead of hardcoded linker option for sqlite. * Add dependency on -dev package for .deb Change-Id: I6d7f697d67651f02ceb77fc4da4317b64fa47f9e Fixes: OS#1928
2017-01-24Remove embedded sqlite3Max1-2/+1
Previous patch switches to using system-wide sqlite3 so it's safe to remove local copy now. Change-Id: Ie8e751cc62132fe1f7748ccd78c5d48469027329
2017-01-24Integrate Debian packaging changesMax3-24/+182
debian/control: * restructure to make it easier to incorporate further changes * update package descriptions * update project URL debian/rules: * use proper hardening syntax debian/copyright: update to match Debian format Change-Id: I9a89e7311c8632ae26ac2e6c02d1e427d94b1608 Related: OS#1694
2017-01-24debian: Require fftw3 header files for osmo-trxHolger Hans Peter Freyther1-1/+1
Install missing development package to get osmo-trx to build. Change-Id: Id80937724d5e4da4ed555cbabfcd3e2457cb2a19
2016-03-18debian: Add packaging to master taken from fairwaves/masterHolger Hans Peter Freyther7-0/+75
There doesn't seem to be a reason why this shouldn't be in master. The fairwaves/master branch is removing --march=native as well that looks like a good idea as well.