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+Welcome to the OpenBTS source code.
+For free support, please subscribe to openbts-discuss@lists.sourceforge.net.
+See http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?forum_name=openbts-discuss
+and https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/openbts-discuss for details.
+For additional information, refer to http://openbts.org.
+These are the directories:
+AsteriskConfig Asterisk configuration files for use with OpenBTS.
+CommonLib Common-use libraries, mostly C++ wrappers for basic facilities.
+Control Control-layer functions for the protocols of GSM 04.08 and SIP.
+GSM The GSM stack.
+SIP Components of the SIP state machines ued by the control layer.
+SMS The SMS stack.
+SR The subscriber registry.
+TRXManager The interface between the GSM stack and the radio.
+Transceiver The software transceiver and specific installation tests.
+apps OpenBTS application binaries.
+doc Project documentation.
+tests Test fixtures for subsets of OpenBTS components.
+smqueue RFC-3428 store-and-forward server for SMS
+By default, OpenBTS assumes the following UDP port assignments:
+5060 -- Asterisk SIP interface
+5061 -- local SIP softphone
+5062 -- OpenBTS SIP interface
+5063 -- smqueue SIP interface
+5064 -- subscriber registry SIP interface
+5700-range -- OpenBTS-transceiver interface
+These can be controlled in the CONFIG table in /etc/OpenBTS.db.
+Standrd paths:
+/OpenBTS -- Binary installation.
+/etc/OpenBTS -- Configuration databases.
+/var/run/OpenBTS -- Real-time reporting databases.
+The script apps/setUpFiles.sh will create these directories and install the
+correct files in them.
+Release history:
+Release Name SVN Reposiory SVN Rev Comments
+1.0 (none) SF.net ?? completed L1, L2
+1.1 Arnaudville GNU Radio r10019 (trunk)
+1.2 Breaux Bridge GNU Radio r10088 (trunk) GNU Build, very early assignment
+1.3 Carencro KSP r1 (trunk) first post-injunction release
+1.4 Donaldsonville KSP r23 (trunk) fixed Ubuntu build error
+1.5 Eunice KSP r39 (trunk) fixed L2 bugs related to segmentation
+ removed incomplete SMS directory
+ moved "abort" calls into L3 subclasses
+1.6 New Iberia KSP r130 (trunk) import of all 2.2 improvements to non-SMS release
+2.0 St. Francisville KSP r54 (smswork) SMS support
+ file-based configuration
+2.1 Grand Coteau KSP r70 (smswork) DTMF support
+ fixed more Linux-related build errors
+ -lpthread
+ TLMessage constructor
+ expanded stack to prevent overflows in Linux
+ moved gSIPInterface to main app
+ fixed iterator bug in Pager
+2.2 Houma KSP r122 (smswork) added LEGAL notice
+ removed Assert classes
+ stop paging on page response
+ fixed Pager-spin bug
+ fixed Transceiver spin bugs
+ fixed 2^32 microsecond rollover bug
+ reduced stack footprints in Transceiver
+ fixed SMS timestamps
+ check LAI before using TMSI in LUR
+ reduced memory requirement by 75%
+ removed PagerTest
+ fixed stale-transaction bug in paging handler
+ fixed USRP clock rollover bug
+ faster call connection
+ new USRPDevice design
+2.3 Jean Lafitte KSP r190? (trunk) check for out-of-date RACH bursts
+ better TRX-GSM clock sync
+ formal logging system
+ command line interface
+ emergency call setup
+2.4 Kinder KSP r208? (trunk) fixed BCCH neighbor list bug
+ support for neighbor lists
+ fixed support for non-local Asterisk servers
+ cleaner configuration management
+ more realtime control of BCCH parameters
+ proper rejection of Hold messages
+ fixed L3 hanging bug in MTDCheckBYE
+2.4.1 Kinder KSP r462 fixed lots of valgrind errors
+2.4.2 Kinder KSP r482 zero-length calling party number bug
+ g++ 4.4 #includes
+2.5 Lacassine KSP r551 imported Joshua Lackey patches
+ SIP fixes from Anne Kwong
+ SIP fixes from testing with SMS server
+ L3 TI handling fixes
+ SMS server support
+ GNU Radio 3.2 compatibility
+ configurable max range and LU-reject cause
+ "page" & "testcall" CLI features
+2.5.1 Lacassine KSP r595 fixed some build bugs for some Linux distros
+2.5.2 Lacassine KSP r630 fixed channel assignment bug for Nokia DCT4+ handsets
+2.5.3 Lacassine KSP r756 merged fix for transceiver startup crash
+ due to use of uninitialized variables (r646)
+ merged fix for fusb bug from trunk (r582)
+2.5.4 Lacassine KSP r812 merged fixes to build under latest Fedora and
+ to build with git GnuRadio (r814)
+2.6 Mamou KSP r886 fixed infamous fusb bug (r582)
+ fixed idle-filling table size bug
+ smoother uplink power control
+ load-limiting downlink power control
+ new "config" features (optional, static)
+ IMEI interrogation
+ fixed MOD "missing FIFO" bug
+ configurable short code features
+ fixed transceiver startup crash (r646)
+ readline support is back
+ fixed timing advance bug (r844)
+ added CLI "chans" command
+ track time-of-use in TMSI table (r844)
+ added CLI "noise" command (r844)
+ added CLI "rxpower" command (r844)
+ added CLI "unconfig" command
+2.7 Natchitoches Range rxxx (never released publicly)
+ converted TMSITable to sqlite3 (r902)
+ sqlite3-based configuration (r???)
+ converted Logger to syslogd (r903)
+ added support for rest octets (r1022)
+ external database for transaction reporting (r1184)
+ external database for channel status reporting (r1203)
+ in-call delivery and submission of text messages (r1231)
+ RFC-2833 DMTF (r1249)
+2.8 Opelousas Range rxxx move databases to /etc and /var
+ RRLP aiding support