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Add VTY commands to set error ctr thresholds
osmo-trx will validate over time that those thresholds are not reached. If they are reached, osmo-trx will die. As a result, osmo-bts-trx will notice and will end up notifying the BSC about it (for instance because it will also restart its process). For instance: """ ctr-error-threshold rx_drop_events 2 minute ctr-error-threshold rx_underruns 10 second """ In those cases above, osmo-trx will die if rate_ctr rx_drop_events went to a value higher than 2 per minute, or it will die to if rx_underruns went higher than 10 per second. Change-Id: I4bcf44dbf064e2e86dfc3b8a2ad18fea76fbd51a
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