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committerttsou <ttsou@19bc5d8c-e614-43d4-8b26-e1612bc8e597>2012-03-13 02:20:01 +0000
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transceiver, uhd: output timestamps on monontonic error
The "Loss of monotonic time" error occurs when a timestamp arrives from the device that is earlier in time than the previous timestamp. The output is an ALERT level message generally accompanied by a transmit side timeout from the device. UHD: Loss of monotonic time UHD: Loss of monotonic time UHD: Device send timed out Add to the error description the timestamp values that generated the error and output with ALERT rather than ERR log. Signed-off-by: Thomas Tsou <ttsou@vt.edu> git-svn-id: http://wush.net/svn/range/software/public/openbts/trunk@3307 19bc5d8c-e614-43d4-8b26-e1612bc8e597
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diff --git a/Transceiver52M/UHDDevice.cpp b/Transceiver52M/UHDDevice.cpp
index e240f7d..d4ba580 100644
--- a/Transceiver52M/UHDDevice.cpp
+++ b/Transceiver52M/UHDDevice.cpp
@@ -597,8 +597,8 @@ int uhd_device::check_rx_md_err(uhd::rx_metadata_t &md, ssize_t num_smpls)
// Monotonicity check
if (ts < prev_ts) {
LOG(ALERT) << "UHD: Loss of monotonic time";
- LOG(ERR) << "UHD: Current time: " << ts.get_real_secs();
- LOG(ERR) << "UHD: Previous time: " << prev_ts.get_real_secs();
+ LOG(ALERT) << "Current time: " << ts.get_real_secs() << ", "
+ << "Previous time: " << prev_ts.get_real_secs();
} else {
prev_ts = ts;