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radioDevice: fix set_antennas(): consider MULTI_ARFCN mode
In the multi-ARFCN mode, if the Tx/Rx antenna names are explicitly set in 'chan N' sections of the configuration file: trx ... multi-arfcn disable chan 0 tx-path TX/RX rx-path RX2 chan 1 tx-path TX/RX rx-path RX2 chan 2 tx-path TX/RX rx-path RX2 osmo-trx would crash, because radioDevice::set_antennas() would attempt to configure antenna names for all N physical channels, while USRP devices usually have 2 or even 1 available. The easiest approach is to remove both 'tx-path'/'rx-path' from all 'chan N' sections excluding 'chan 0', so it would work fine. This makes sense, because in the multi-ARFCN mode we actually use only one physical channel. However, let's still make sure that explicit configuration of the Tx/Rx antenna names would not crash osmo-trx and skip N > 0 in radioDevice::set_antennas(). Change-Id: I09f316f181cbbc2214e8913b73f7c1fcea4e8c05 Related: OS#4636
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