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2019-06-22v3 final with gerber outputohm4_ocxo_v3Harald Welte12-0/+7484
2019-06-22final v3 as it goes in pcb productionHarald Welte2-85/+178
* smash components and move labels to where they can be read * add indication of + / GND to X3/X4 * re-route some traces to ensure sufficient distance between them * make all traces 0.508 mm wide, even signal traces.
2019-06-22update OHM4 OCXO, preliminary v3Harald Welte2-538/+532
* use new LDO (single LDO with range up to 12V input) * add U.FL clock input (instead of OCXO as source) * no parallel, but series resistors to trimmer * allow output of PLL to be fed through resistive divider
2019-06-22remove .pro file, not neededHarald Welte1-25/+0
2019-06-22update to version with PLL ic onboardHarald Welte4-98/+351
2019-06-22initial import of OHM4 OCXO boardHarald Welte5-0/+10578