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2021-02-07ngff-breakout: update sch, brd and BOM to current production run of v3ngff-v3Martin Schramm1-202/+202
2021-01-11ngff-breakout: remove solder cream for SMT stand-off GND areaMartin Schramm1-44/+195
...means screws from both sides, but enables changing to either position for 3042 and 3052 cards
2021-01-11ngff-breakout: add BOM attributes for 2.45mm stand-off and M.2 connMartin Schramm1-58/+58
2020-11-09ngff-breakout: commit a v3 candidate for 3042 and 3052 cardsMartin Schramm1-428/+1481
* PCBA now supports 3042 and 3052 M.2/NGFF cards * PCBA is now 100 m taller * fourth MHf4-SMA connector combination w/ TVS
2020-01-09ngff: add product links to all one- and two-row 2,54mm pin headerMartin Schramm1-25/+360
2019-10-18ngff: revert increased clearance for supply net classngff-v2Martin Schramm1-2/+1
...and instead change class membership of an affected wire.
2019-10-18ngff: PCB cosmetics and subsequent DRC; rearrange SMA + MHF4 connMartin Schramm1-6/+3842
2019-10-18ngff: swap Rx and Tx (solves OS#4230)Martin Schramm1-19/+57
2019-10-17ngff: connect pin 4 @X2 to GND (solves OS#4216)Martin Schramm1-46/+54
2019-09-25ngff: add / refresh most ext'd attribs for eBOMMartin Schramm1-110/+134
2019-09-24ngff: re-introduce and re-position OSHW logo and bott silk screenMartin Schramm1-157/+157
2019-09-24ngff: 2/2 make room for 2x5 header and route SIM2 signals thereMartin Schramm1-379/+373
...and run ERC/DRC adresses OS#4211
2019-09-20ngff: make room for 2x5 header and route SIM2 signals thereMartin Schramm1-29/+404
adresses OS#4211
2019-09-19ngff: remove bogus packages names with '@1' by re-importing std libMartin Schramm1-117/+92
2019-09-19ngff: move PCIe header 3mm inwards (solves OS#4210)Martin Schramm1-518/+663
... and started OS#4211.
2019-09-17ngff: set R9 to 100k (solves OS#4209)Martin Schramm1-234/+234
2019-09-17ngff: repair M.2/NGFF footprint (see SYS#4661)Martin Schramm1-38/+5
2019-08-29ngff: finishing workMartin Schramm1-916/+1002
2019-08-29ngff-breakout: almost readyMartin Schramm1-2004/+4374
missing: more vias, more ext. attributes (for BOM)
2019-08-29ngff-breakout: intermediate stateMartin Schramm1-1568/+1349
2019-08-29ngff-breakout: Update con-ngff.lbr to get PCIe lanesHarald Welte1-0/+26
2019-08-29ngff-breakout: Partial migration over to NGFFHarald Welte1-976/+369
The mPCIe slot has been removed and the NGFF slot added. Basic connections have been made in the schematics, but it's far from being complete. No effort on the PCB routing has been made so far.
2019-08-29ngff-breakout: Rename "mPCIe" -> "NGFF WWAN" and re-start version at v1Harald Welte1-3/+3
2019-08-29Add ngff-breakout as copy of mpcie-breakoutHarald Welte1-0/+14465
... ngff specific modifications will follow