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sfp: add license to sch
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diff --git a/sfp-breakout/sfp-experimenter.sch b/sfp-breakout/sfp-experimenter.sch
index 03ff3b9..dfeec99 100644
--- a/sfp-breakout/sfp-experimenter.sch
+++ b/sfp-breakout/sfp-experimenter.sch
@@ -9929,6 +9929,8 @@ Standard 4-pin 0.1" header</description>
<text x="81.28" y="96.52" size="3.81" layer="97">3,3 V LDO</text>
+<text x="162.56" y="10.16" size="2.54" layer="97">(C) 2018 sysmocom GmbH
+License: CC-BY-SA</text>
<instance part="GND2" gate="1" x="114.3" y="127"/>
@@ -10917,4 +10919,10 @@ Standard 4-pin 0.1" header</description>
+<note version="6.3" minversion="6.2.2" severity="warning">
+Since Version 6.2.2 text objects can contain more than one line,
+which will not be processed correctly with this version.