BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
laforge/ngff-breakoutngff: finishing workMartin Schramm9 months
mastergtm900-bo: add SMT spacer as mechanical BOM-only partsMartin Schramm3 days
gtm900-v1commit 86a2c70a67...Harald Welte4 days
ngff-v2commit 4fdc3b8522...Martin Schramm7 months
ngff-v1commit 63389c1b99...Martin Schramm8 months
ohm4_ocxo_v3commit 8908096c70...Harald Welte11 months
ohm4_ocxo_v2commit 3c74775c93...Harald Welte11 months
clock_gen-v2commit cf044860d4...Harald Welte11 months
sfp-v1commit ad2df019cb...Harald Welte21 months
mpcie_breakout-v2commit 50c018de16...Harald Welte4 years
mv_uart-v1commit 50c018de16...Harald Welte4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
3 daysgtm900-bo: add SMT spacer as mechanical BOM-only partsHEADmasterMartin Schramm2-140/+175
3 daysgtm900-bo: complete v1 eBOM + export as gnumeric and xls formatMartin Schramm2-0/+910
8 daysgtm900-bo: add header for power source selection (DC in / USB)gtm900-v1Martin Schramm2-360/+528
8 daysgtm900-bo: ease some part's distances, increase OSHW logoMartin Schramm2-173/+190
11 daysgtm900-bo: re-introduce serial 0R on UART_RIMartin Schramm3-261/+308
12 daysgtm900-bo: ERC + DRC done + correctionsMartin Schramm2-75/+111
12 daysgtm900-bo: routing done, no airwires left, mirrored FPC removedMartin Schramm2-541/+222
13 daysgtm900-bo: hopefully incorporating all we discussed last weeksMartin Schramm2-2543/+7222
2020-04-27gtm900: added CP2105 and 3.5mm TRRS audio jack, remv'd aux connMartin Schramm3-1132/+3623
2020-04-20initial commit for a GTM900 breakout PCBAMartin Schramm3-0/+19402