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OsmoSGSN can write a text log file containing CDR (call data records),
which are commonly used for accounting/billing purpose.
-.Example: CDR configuration
+.Example: CDR log file configuration
OsmoSGSN(config-sgsn)# cdr filename /var/log/osmosgsn.cdr
OsmoSGSN(config-sgsn)# cdr interval 600 <1>
@@ -185,6 +185,20 @@ OsmoSGSN(config-sgsn)# cdr interval 600 <1>
The CDR file is a simple CSV file including a header line naming the
individual fields of each CSV line.
+==== CDR CTRL interface
+Independently of whether logging CDR to a file is enabled or not, OsmoSGSN can
+also provide delivery of CDR through the CTRL interface. CDR are sent by means
+of TRAP messages with variable name _cdr-v1_, and its value is filled using the
+same CSV line format as in the log file, but without CSV header line.
+.Example: CDR delivery through CTRL TRAP messages
+OsmoSGSN(config-sgsn)# cdr trap
+==== CDR Format
.Description of CSV fields in OsmoSGSN CDR file