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libmsc: update database to accomodate SMS status-report fields
SMPP DELIVER_SM messages with esm_class = Delivery Receipt need to send this message reference (that the mobile phone allocates) to the ESME. Thus, the ESME propagates it via SUBMIT_SM with esm_class = Delivery Acknoledgment so that the SMSC sends the GSM 03.40 status-report to the origin including this. Given this field is useful for status-reports, we need to store it in the HLR database. Moreover, we need a new field that specifies if the entry represents a SMS status-report, to do the right handling from the gsm411_send_sms() - such new handling comes in a follow up patch entitled "libmsc: handle delivery ack via SMPP SUBMIT SM / send GSM 03.40 status report". This patch includes the migration routines to the new database schema revision 5, it's quite a bit of dbi boilerplate code - copied-pasted and adapted. Change-Id: I7276d356d805a83ebeec72b02c8563b7135ea0b6
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