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[mgcp] Add a simple mgcp gateway used for the BSC
The python script is a simple call-agent driving the client. Currently it is sending a AuditEndpoint message and is printing the result. The bsc_mgcp.c is a standalone process that will implement a MGCP Gateway for the MSC. On call handling the Call-Agent will ask the Gateway to "CreateConnection" and then this gateway needs to communicate with OpenBSC. Currently CreateConnection,ModifiyConnection,DeleteConnection and Endpoint auditing is implemented. [mgcp] Send RSIP on start and on first receive of any message Ignore the first request and send a RSIP. We do that because we might tunnel UDP through some other things and have no direct way to connect to the call-agent. Also the transaction is not checked and we ignore the response from the call-agent, actually we print the '200 ' or any other value as unhandled... [mgcp] Print the MGCP command next to the response code This allows to see which commands were sent by the server mgcp: Terminate it with a new line [mgcp] Make number of endpoints static... For now this is fixed to the number of endpoints as of the GSM specification... [mgcp] The endpoint names seem to be base 16... use strtoul to parse Use strtoul to parse the base 16 number from the mgw string. [mgcp] Log the endpoints as hex numbers... [mgcp] Only send the RSIP on the first incoming message.. Remove call_agent option (also remove the number from the getopt call). [mgcp] Start couting at 1 for the mgcp [mgcp] Slight attempt to improve the grammar of the strings [mgcp] Share validation routines between DLCX and MDCX [mgcp] Remove help for dead config options [mgcp] Specify a different IN addr in the SDP records In case of NAT traversal be able to listen on a given interface (like but claim to receive data at the beginning of the tunnel. [mgcp] Fix the static copy of the SDP file WIP verify out factoring broken.. [mgcp] Introduce VTY to the mgcp for config file parsing... Parse the MGCP config file via the VTY framework. [mgcp] Handle SDP parameters through VTY.. Currently the payload type, name and rate can be specified in the config file. [mgcp] Add an option to bind all rtp ports early This can be useful for testing and in deployment to make sure no runtime resource limit can be hit. [mgcp] Add some API doc comment [mgcp] Convert the packets of the example server to ascii This will allow to easily patch the call id... to run the server in a loop and make it work with the mediagateway [mgcp] Assign CI_UNUSED... to be more obvious... [mgcp] Use DEBUG and not DEBUGPC and specially not printf Improve the logging a bit in the mgcp [mgcp] Change the fake server to change the call id This assume the call-agent will just increment the id as well.... this is true for our implementation [mgcp] Generate the transaction id dynamically.. This way wireshark will be more happy about it... [mgcp] Recognize responses from the network.. This is just recognizing the response code and then is doing nothing with it. Also change the script to generate response messages... [mgcp] Improve debug messages for CRCX/MDCX.. Log on which ports the media gateway is listening and where the other (server) gateway is located
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+! MGCP configuration hand edited
+! !
+password foo
+line vty
+ no login
+ local ip
+ bts ip
+ bind ip
+ bind port 2427
+ bind early 1
+ rtp base 4000
+ sdp audio payload number 97
+ sdp audio payload name GSM-EFR/8000