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tbf: Handle TLLI change on DL
When doing an RA Update the network can request to change the TLLI. In this case, there can be 2 MS objects with different TLLI for a single real MS. The first is associated with the old TLLI and the IMSI, while the second is associated with the new TLLI and no IMSI if it had been created for the uplink TBF. When the first message with the new TLLI and the IMSI arrives from the network, the PCU is able to detect this. Currently this is not handled properly. The TBFs of the old MS object are not cleaned up properly, keeping the old MS from being deleted. This patch modifies gprs_rlcmac_dl_tbf::handle to check for this and if neccessary to move an existing DL TBF and to clean up the old MS object to ensure its deletion. Sponsored-by: On-Waves ehf
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