AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2019-09-30wipneels/vlr_evil_twin3Neels Hofmeyr1-2/+3
2019-09-27ensure to not create evil-twin IMSIs in the VLRNeels Hofmeyr3-6/+44
2019-09-26catch GSUP auth result without auth_fsmNeels Hofmeyr1-0/+6
2019-09-26paging: Send SGsAP-SERVICE-ABORT-REQUEST on paging timeoutPhilipp Maier3-0/+27
2019-09-24sgs_iface: Accept messages with unknown TLV elementsPhilipp Maier1-4/+2
2019-09-18fix error on BSSMAP Cipher Mode Complete L3 msg IENeels Hofmeyr3-11/+16
2019-09-16vlr: gmm_cause_to_fsm_and_mm_cause() drop fsm_cause_p argumentAlexander Couzens1-16/+6
2019-09-16vty: fix access to wrong argv in paging response-timerPau Espin Pedrol1-1/+1
2019-09-03msc_a fsm: ignore state chg to same stateNeels Hofmeyr5-13/+8
2019-09-03ran_dec logging: log message sizes on errorsNeels Hofmeyr1-3/+7
2019-09-03vlr: don't log about "gratuitous ID RESPONSE"Neels Hofmeyr1-2/+0
2019-09-03Implement a global switch on the network to disable call waiting.Keith Whyte5-3/+53
2019-09-02cosmetic: fix call_leg_ensure_ci() decl. arg name to match impl.Neels Hofmeyr1-1/+1
2019-09-02msc_a.c, CC trans: change a comment to a debug logNeels Hofmeyr1-1/+1
2019-09-02gsm48_tch_rtp_create(): check against NULL mgcp_infoNeels Hofmeyr1-1/+4
2019-09-02msc_vlr_tests: GSUP: don't care about extra IEsNeels Hofmeyr1-1/+9
2019-09-02log, cosmetic: add "RR" to "Ciphering Mode Complete"Neels Hofmeyr2-2/+2
2019-08-29tweak CC cause for incoming call to unattached nrNeels Hofmeyr1-1/+1
2019-08-29vlr_lu_fsm: ignore ID_IMEISV during VLR_ULA_S_WAIT_HLR_UPDNeels Hofmeyr2-2/+7
2019-08-29fix segfault: don't send CC REL on NULL msc_aNeels Hofmeyr2-2/+19
2019-08-29cc trans: make sure bearer cap is emptyNeels Hofmeyr1-0/+4
2019-08-29memleak on cc setup errorsNeels Hofmeyr1-0/+2
2019-08-28mncc: send payload type matching chosen codecNeels Hofmeyr2-13/+28
2019-08-23smpp_openbsc.c: check acl before deref itAlexander Couzens1-1/+1
2019-08-19msc_a: switch RAN type back to SGs when a CSFB-Call is clearedPhilipp Maier1-0/+5
2019-08-18libvlr/vlr.c: cosmetic: move message_type assignmentVadim Yanitskiy1-2/+2
2019-08-16sgs_iface: do not use SGsAP-MO-CSFB-INDICATION for CSFB returnPhilipp Maier1-4/+4
2019-08-13add 'encryption uea 1 2' cfg / fix ttcn3 iu testsNeels Hofmeyr10-62/+153
2019-08-12cosmetic: make function mncc_tx_to_gsm_cc staticPhilipp Maier1-1/+1
2019-08-08Bump version: 1.4.0 → Espin Pedrol1-0/+227
2019-08-08Fix dependency version requirementsPau Espin Pedrol2-20/+20
2019-08-08vlr_lu_fsm: fix missing event for IMEISVNeels Hofmeyr1-0/+1
2019-08-05doc/sequence_charts: fix naming of mncc_fsm to mncc_callNeels Hofmeyr2-14/+14
2019-08-05doc/sequence_charts/mncc_fsm.msc: add SIP messages, tweakNeels Hofmeyr1-35/+55
2019-08-05add msc_vlr tests for UMTS without cipheringNeels Hofmeyr2-79/+966
2019-08-05do not force encryption on UTRANNeels Hofmeyr7-5/+48
2019-08-05manual: adjust and fix auth and ciph docsNeels Hofmeyr1-14/+54
2019-08-05Remove undefined param passed to logging_vty_add_cmdsPau Espin Pedrol1-1/+1
2019-08-02Set coding in mncc_set_cause()Keith Whyte3-2/+3
2019-07-29minor comments in msc_vty.cNeels Hofmeyr1-0/+2
2019-07-25doc: Add Osmux documentation to User ManualPau Espin Pedrol2-1/+67
2019-07-24vlr_lu_fsm.c: don't send LU reject twiceOliver Smith2-15/+4
2019-07-22turn -Werror=null-dereference into a warningEric Wild1-1/+1
2019-07-18replace osmo_counter with stat_itemsAlexander Couzens17-127/+155
2019-07-16fix spelling detected by lintianThorsten Alteholz4-6/+6
2019-07-11contrib/jenkins.sh: run "make maintainer-clean"Oliver Smith1-0/+1
2019-07-09libmsc/msc_vty.c: print subscriber expiration timeVadim Yanitskiy1-0/+17
2019-07-09Fix: add missing semicolons to OSMO_ASSERT statementsVadim Yanitskiy2-2/+2
2019-06-20libmsc/ran_msg_iu.c: fix: properly handle SAPI IE of RANAP_DirectTransferVadim Yanitskiy1-2/+12
2019-06-20libmsc/gsm_04_11.c: do not abuse LOG_TRANS() in gsm411_alloc_mt_trans()Vadim Yanitskiy1-2/+2