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2011-08-11Release version 0.9.13-0~jrsantos.5debian/0.9.13-0_jrsantos.5Jonathan Santos1-0/+7
2011-08-11gprs: Also check tlli_new in sgsn_mm_ctx_by_tlliJonathan Santos1-2/+3
2011-08-11gprs: Change T3302 to 20 secondsJonathan Santos1-2/+4
2011-07-31Release version 0.9.13-0~jrsantos.4debian/0.9.13-0_jrsantos.4Jonathan Santos1-0/+8
2011-07-31gprs: Fix retry of ATTACH REQUEST from mobileJonathan Santos1-1/+1
If, for some reason, the mobile did not receive an ATTACH ACCEPT it resends an ATTACH REQUEST. The SGSN then would send a new ATTACH ACCEPT. However, after sending the new ATTACH REQUEST, it was unable to find the GMM context if the mobile uses the old foreign tlli (as it is allowed to do). This fixes that.
2011-07-31gprs: Fix premature TLLI changeJonathan Santos1-1/+0
During the GPRS Attach procedure, the SGSN was changing the TLLI to the new TLLI when sending the second Identity Request. This was caused by the sgsn_mm_ctx_by_tlli() function changing the TLLI. It is usually bad form to have a lookup function change values.
2011-07-31Revert "gprs: Fix bug that caused TLLI to change prematurely"Jonathan Santos2-9/+9
This reverts commit bd92172bf42c1589ded17d976dd0af3b90adc871.
2011-07-22Release version 0.9.13-0~jrsantos.3debian/0.9.13-0_jrsantos.3Jonathan Santos1-0/+20
2011-07-21gprs: Reset LLC state when Timer 3350 expiresJonathan Santos3-0/+26
This works around a problem that occurs if a mobile loses packet data connectivity, e.g. moves out of coverage or switches over to a circuit-switched call, while a data transfer is occurring. The mobile would reset its LLC state, causing it to be unsynchronized with the SGSN. Therefore the SGSN would drop incoming frames until the sequence numbers matched. This workaround resets the LLC state in the SGSN if T3350 expires, indicating that Routing Area Updating Request, Attach Request, or P-TMSI Realloc Command has failed.
2011-06-23gprs: Fix LLC UI windowJonathan Santos1-11/+15
According to TS 44.064 section 8.4.2, the LLC layer should only drop UI frames if V(UR)-32 <= N(U) < V(UR). The code was dropping frames whenever N(U) < V(UR). Consequently, large amounts of packets could be dropped if, e.g., V(UR)==511 and the frame with N(U)==511 was lost. All frames would be dropped until the next time a frame with N(U)==511 is received.
2011-06-23gprs: Suspend user data transmission during Routing Area UpdatingJonathan Santos3-0/+27
TS 24.008 version 9.5.0 Release 9 sec 4.7.5: In A/Gb mode, user data transmission in the MS shall be suspended during the routing area updating procedure, except if the routing area updating procedure is triggered by a PS handover procedure as described in 3GPP TS 43.129 [113]; user data reception shall be possible. User data transmission in the network may be suspended during the routing area updating procedure.
2011-06-23Merge branch 'attach_already_attached'Jonathan Santos3-11/+36
2011-06-23gprs: Set GMM state to GMM_REGISTERED_NORMAL after ATTACH_COMPLETE receivedJonathan Santos1-3/+1
The SGSN was updating the GMM state when sending the ATTACH_ACCEPT, when it should enter that state after the ATTACH_COMPLETE is received.
2011-06-23gprs: Delete GMM and PDP contexts if ATTACH_REQUEST received from ↵Jonathan Santos3-8/+35
already-attached MS TS 24.008 version 9.5.0 Release 9 sec If an ATTACH REQUEST message is received in state GMM-REGISTERED the network may initiate the GMM common procedures; if it turned out that the ATTACH REQUEST message was send by an MS that has already been attached, the GMM context, PDP contexts and MBMS contexts, if any, are deleted and the new ATTACH REQUEST is progressed.
2011-06-23Merge branch 'nexus_s_attach'Jonathan Santos4-28/+26
2011-06-23gprs: Fix bug that caused TLLI to change prematurelyJonathan Santos2-9/+9
2011-06-23gprs: Fix bugs that reset LLC sequence numbers improperlyJonathan Santos2-13/+10
2011-06-23gprs: Fix bug where SGSN was sending all LLC UI frames with N(U)=0Jonathan Santos1-1/+1
Convert foreign TLLIs to local TLLIs for storage in LLME context.
2011-06-23gprs: Fix possible segfault on attach caused by MS Network Capability larger ↵Jonathan Santos2-2/+3
than 4 octets The SGSN was allowing MS Network Capability of up to 8 octets, but only allocating storage for 4 octets. TS 23.060 version 9.7.0 Release 9 section 6.14.2 states: To allow for the addition of future features, the SGSN shall store the UE Network Capability and the MS Network Capability even if either or both is larger than specified in TS 24.008 [13]/TS 24.301 [102], up to a maximum size of 32 octets for each IE.
2011-06-23gprs: Fix segfault on attach caused by MS Radio Access Capability larger ↵Jonathan Santos2-3/+3
than 14 octets Newer phones are using a MS Radio Access Capability larger than the 14 octets specified in 04.08 Release 1998 (up to 50 octets in Rel 9). This caused the SGSN to crash since it only allocated storage for 14 octets but tried to store up to 51 octets. TS 23.060 version 9.7.0 Release 9 section states: To allow for the addition of future radio technologies, frequency bands, and other enhancements, the SGSN shall store the MS radio access capability even if it is larger than specified in TS 24.008 [13], up to a maximum size of 255 octets.
2011-06-10Merge branch 'allow_all_imsis'Jonathan Santos1-10/+1
2011-06-10Release version 0.9.13-0~jrsantos.2debian/0.9.13-0_jrsantos.2Jonathan Santos1-0/+6
2011-06-10Merge branch 'debian'Jonathan Santos1-1/+1
2011-06-10Fix bug that caused dpkg-gencontrol to failJonathan Santos1-1/+1
A bug in debian/control caused "debian/rules binary" to fail with: dpkg-gencontrol: error: source package has two conflicting values - openbsc and opensgsn
2011-05-25Allow all IMSIsJonathan Santos1-10/+1
This reverts commit eafe22ca7290280fca0f8d31d70239fd0b0dbb9d from upstream git repository.
2011-05-25Release version 0.9.13-0~jrsantos.1debian/0.9.13-0_jrsantos.1Jonathan Santos1-3/+3
2011-05-25Add sarge-compatible debian filesJonathan Santos6-0/+848
2011-05-25Import upstream version 0.9.13upstream/0.9.13Jonathan Santos239-0/+86881
2011-05-25Initial commitJonathan Santos1-0/+0