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IuCS: don't remove Iu conn until release FIXME
Don't remove the gsm_subscriber_connection without an Iu Release. The 2G paradigm is to close a subscriber connection as soon as nothing else is pending. In 3G however, the conn is often discarded even though the IuCS stays open and valid, which confuses the situation: before the UE releases a bit later, we would try to page the subscriber unsuccessfully, because the UE expects to already be connected. To first fix the discrepancy of Iu vs. subscr release, never discard gsm_subscriber_connections when msc_release_connection() is called. This creates a "lazy" CN that keeps connections open as long as the UE will tolerate. It is really fast in sending many SMS in close succession, but is certainly a bad CN design choice: we should rather stay lean on connections. A subsequent commit will change this, but I decided to keep this commit as a reference, for when we'd like to test situations that should re-use an established connection. Change-Id: I012378cfa432d791146db387554ec1909de05297
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