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+About OpenBSC
+OpenBSC started as a minimalistic all-in-one implementation of the GSM Network,
+with particular emphasis on the functionality typically provided by the BSC,
+MSC, HLR, VLR and SMSC. Today it is a growing suite of libraries and programs,
+implementing protocol stacks and functional elements, including
+ * OsmoBSC - a pure GSM BSC, speaking Abis/IP to the BTS and A/IP to the MSC
+ * OsmoBSC-MGCP - MGCP helper to the OsmoBSC software
+ * OsmoNITB - a BSC+MSC+VLR+HLR+SMSC "Network in the box".
+ * OsmoMSC - a voice CN with A/IP and IuCS/IP towards the BSC and/or HNB-GW
+ * OsmoSGSN - a GPRS SGSN with Gb/IP and IuPS/IP towards the PCU and/or HNB-GW
+ * Osmo-GbProxy - a Proxy to aggregate many Gb links as one Gb link to the SGSN
+ * OsmoBSCNAT - a gateway aggregating many A links as one A link to the MSC
+ * OsmoGTPHUB - a hub aggregating many GTP links (between SGSN and GGSN)
+ * ipaccess-utils - some tools to discover + configure ip.access nanoBTS
+ * bs11_config - a tool to configure the Siemens BS-11 microBTS
+Various interfaces towards the BTS are supported, among which are:
+ * Classic A-bis over E1 using a mISDN based E1 interface. In other
+ words, you can connect existing GSM Base Transceiver Station (BTS)
+ through E1 to OpenBSC. So far, we have made it work with the Siemens BS-11,
+ various Ericsson RBS2xxx BTS models and the Nokia MetroSite.
+ * A-bis over IP as used by the ip.access nanoBTS product family as well as
+ the Open Source OsmoBTS software (by the same authors as OpenBSC). OsmoBTS
+ in turn supports various transceiver hardware, including the sysmoBTS
+ product family, as well as SDR transceivers supported by OsmoTRX, such as
+ the UmTRX or USRP boardss.
+ * IuCS and IuPS over IP towards an HNB-GW (see osmo-iuh) for UMTS (3G)
+ voice and data links.
+Find OpenBSC online at
+ Harald Welte <laforge@gnumonks.org>