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-== Running OsmoPCU
-The OsmoPCU executable (`osmo-pcu`) offers the following command-line
-*osmo-pcu* [-h|-V] [-D] [-c 'CONFIGFILE'] [-r 'PRIO'] [-m 'MCC'] [-n 'MNC']
-*-h, --help*::
- Print a short help message about the supported options
-*-V, --version*::
- Print the compile-time version number of the OsmoBTS program
-//*-D, --daemonize*::
-// Fork the process as a daemon into background.
-*-c, --config-file 'CONFIGFILE'*::
- Specify the file and path name of the configuration file to be
- used. If none is specified, use `osmo-pcu.cfg` in the current
- working directory.
-*-r, --realtime 'PRIO'*::
- Enable use of the Linux kernel realtime priority scheduler with
- the specified priority.
- It is recommended you use this option on low-performance
- embedded systems or systems that encounter high non-GSM/GPRS
- load.
-*-m, --mcc 'MCC'*::
- Use the given MCC instead of that provided by BTS via PCU socket
-*-n, --mnc 'MNC'*::
- Use the given MNC instead of that provided by BTS via PCU socket