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-== Overview
-=== About OsmoPCU
-OsmoPCU is the Osmocom implementation of the GPRS PCU (Packet Control
-Unit) element inside the GPRS network.
-The OsmoPCU is co-located within the BTS and connects to OsmoBTS via its
-PCU socket interface.
-On the other side, OsmoPCU is connected via the Gb interface to the
-.GPRS network architecture with PCU in BTS
-digraph G {
- rankdir=LR;
- MS0 [label="MS"]
- MS1 [label="MS"]
- MS0->BTS [label="Um"]
- MS1->BTS [label="Um"]
- BTS->BSC [label="Abis"]
- BSC->MSC [label="A"]
- BTS->PCU [label="pcu_sock"]
- PCU->SGSN [label="Gb"]
- SGSN->GGSN [label="GTP"]
-=== Software Components
-OsmoPCU consists of a variety of components, including
-* Gb interface (NS/BSSGP protocol)
-* `pcu_sock` interface towards OsmoBTS
-* TBF management for uplink and downlink TBF
-* RLC/MAC protocol implementation
-* per-MS context for each MS currently served
-* CSN.1 encoding/decoding routines
-==== Gb Implementation
-OsmoPCU implements the ETSI/3GPP specified Gb interface, including TS
-08.16 (NS), TS 08.18 (BSSGP) protocols. As transport layer for NS, it
-supports NS/IP (NS encapsulated in UDP/IP).
-The actual Gb Implementation is part of the libosmogb library, which is
-in turn part of the libosmocore software package. This allows the same
-Gb implementation to be used from OsmoPCU, OsmoGbProxy as well as
-==== `pcu_sock` Interface to OsmoBTS
-The interface towards OsmoBTS is called 'pcu_sock' and implemented as a
-set of non-standardized primitives over a unix domain socket. The
-default file system path for this socket is `/tmp/pcu_bts`.
-The PCU socket can be changed on both OmsoBTS and OsmoPCU to a different
-file/path name, primarily to permit running multiple independent BTS+PCU
-pairs on a single Linux machine without having to use filesystem
-namespaces or other complex configurations.
-NOTE: If you change the PCU socket path on OsmoBTS by means of the
-`pcu-socket` VTY configuration command, you must ensure to make the
-identical change on the OsmoPCU side.