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(Note that asciidoc-dblatex is required from debian 9 on and did not exist before.)
-Build PDFs, run:
+Prepare your build dir:
autoreconf -fi
+Optionally test building all shared content (use -j for parallel building):
+ make # generate test PDFs
+ make check # test for asciidoc errors
+Install osmo-gsm-manuals:
+ make install
+Build the manuals of a specific Osmocom project:
+ cd ../osmo-msc # enter the project dir, clone first if needed
+ ./configure --enable-manuals
+ ls doc/manuals/*.pdf # find the PDFs here
-or for a parallel build using more CPU cores, replace make with:
- make -j 5
+Publish PDFs to the Osmocom server:
+ cd ../osmo-msc # enter the project dir
+ make -C doc/manuals publish
To update the VTY reference for a given program, use ' -X',
available from