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committerOliver Smith <>2019-04-10 14:48:15 +0200
commit7390b95c11b2c3475aaf55168365b08ac5f5f476 (patch)
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parent89e1e74d869502e2872e02d0ab84bdc73f26c21d (diff) don't depend on git binary
Remove git from depends, because it isn't needed when building the manuals from a source tarball. Avoid having git in the build dependencies of the upcoming manuals packaging for debian. Related: OS#3899 Change-Id: I46ad818a1d009c03357821f7c8100ecb5d62962e
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diff --git a/ b/
index 7845719..ec3f26f 100755
--- a/
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@@ -18,7 +18,6 @@ check_dep_python2_module() {
check_dep_bin mscgen mscgen
check_dep_bin xsltproc libxslt
-check_dep_bin git git
check_dep_bin a2x asciidoc
check_dep_bin asciidoc asciidoc
check_dep_bin dblatex dblatex